New movie to focus on women

Rising film writer Melgin Tafirenyika is working on his second movie titled ‘Sour Milk’ after his successful debut titled ‘I Will Marry Myself’, which made headlines on South Africa’s Mzanzi Magic.

Tafirenyika back in business.
Tafirenyika back in business.

Tafirenyika, who is now a darling across the SADC region with movie fans, said his upcoming film would focus on social issues affecting women.

“In my upcoming film, the life of an average woman starts with lots of expectations; from childhood, it’s nothing but fairy tales, her Prince charming, a big mansion, beautiful children, and wealth. A woman’s life is ruled by culture, time and her family. Her entire existence will revolve around these three great levellers in life, until it moulds and shapes her into the woman she would finally become,” Tafirenyika told The Zimbabwean.

“Most women persevere and turn out alright, others struggle and turn out broken, and many manage but end up losing themselves and the values they once upheld. This is a very emotional story that exposes the dilemma women face; what they think before marriage; what they face before they get married (If ever they get married) and after they’ve been married, who they become. It’s a very mature storyline creating universal awareness. Marriage should be a place of peace, happiness and tranquillity for every woman. A married woman is recognised, respected and held in high esteem. Her life should encompass success, friendship, love and happiness,” added Tafirenyika.

The production will feature characters from across African continent, including South African George Medupe, renowned Zimbabwean production director Artwell Mukonyora, Billy Bakasa on post production and James Jim Anderline from Nigeria.

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