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EDITOR – With reference to your call for Zimbabweans to take action in demanding the release by ZEC of documents and information relating to the 31 July elections, I hope you will grant me the democratic right to disagree with you on this because I believe what you propose is an exercise in futility.

First of all I have to tell you that on many occasions since 1985 I have been a presiding officer during elections and the system does not allow any chicanery. The votes are counted in the presence of polling agents from the competing parties. This is why they signed the relevant documents.

I can tell you that nothing happened. Morgan’s number was just up! The people of Zimbabwe value their heritage. He was totally out of it, clueless and unprepared, just glorying in his escapades. His campaign was inane and he often insulted voters. A case in point is his utterances in Rushinga: Unofamba usina bhurukwa kana underwear uchingoti ndinofira muZANU. Now I ask you, what was the likely impact of such a crude and offside statement?

And then you had the arrogant Theresa Makone, who deservedly got her comeuppance, celebrating at a rally what she saw as the unequalled virility of MDC-T men! This is on file, all of their beeps and blunders are on file, including studying a Zanu (PF) manifesto before a poorly-attended rally in Mhondoro! Sentiment aside, they messed up big time and have been given their marching orders by Zimbabwean voters.

Basically, there is nothing to see in order to believe, I am sorry. Nevertheless, best of luck with your petition drive. – David Mungoshi, Harare

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