Seeing is believing

EDITOR - With reference to your call for Zimbabweans to take action in demanding the release by ZEC of documents and information relating to the 31 July elections, that does not work with Zanu (PF) my brother. When will you all learn that civilized and normal things do not work with Zanu (PF)?

We are not doing anything really now are we, in terms of effectiveness. You need to realize that we are in the same place as we were with the Rhodesia Front in mid-1960s. The only language Zanu (PF) speaks is not a nice language, why do we think we can effect change by nice to them?

What is even sad for me is that the region and the world is tired of Zimbabwean change agents crying. We need to take this struggle to another level: But we are too cowardly and maybe too, comfortable because we are fighting this demon from behind safe computers and ICT gadgets. But life for people here is terribly different.

Zanu (PF) never released the elections results from 1980 and will never release elections results from any other year for that matter because they win elections but they do not really care about the election process part. Why do you think if you write a petition to them now they will release the election they have planned to win since 2008? – Dumiso Matshazi, by email

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