Shiga Shiga left at the station as Utakataka Express speeds on

Prominent music chanter Gift Katulika, better known as Shiga Shiga has finally settled for less by featuring alongside the Sexy Angels dancing group on a part time basis after failing to secure a place back with famed group, Utakataka Express.

In Happier times – Shiga Shiga sings with Utakataka Express
In Happier times – Shiga Shiga sings with Utakataka Express

Shiga Shiga has recently been chanting for raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and her Sexy Angels at Private Lounge near Holly’s Motel. The dance group is set to release their debut album soon.

He went on to introduce the audience to Sexy Angels’ ambitions to venture into music before chanting on most of the songs. Shiga Shiga first emerged on the country’s music scene alongside the Congolese music group Lubumbashi Stars.

However, it was under the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo that he made his big break as the chanter for the Utakataka Express.

Shiga Shiga later joined Mutodi Express led by embattled businessman and failed politician Energy Mutodi, a move that was described as suicidal for his career.

The talented chanter has been enduring sour grapes at Mutodi Express as bandleader and has been embroiled in a series of court cases, affecting the smooth running of the band.

Citing a bleak future at Mutodi Express, Shiga Shiga turned to Utakataka for salvation to no avail, which might have prompted him to look elsewhere as he struggles to make ends meet.

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