Super comedy from Shilolo

Shilolo Music, a production house fronted by Zimbabweans, has come up with a rib-cracking play titled Sikhobokhobo Power, recently released in Johannesburg.

Written by Mothusi Bashimane Ndlovu and directed by South African Elvis Phiri, the movie is the first in a series of Sikhobokhobo episodes, centred on the adventures and mischief of an old man – Philemon “Mfile” Madlela in Johannesburg.

“The main idea is to share the life and experiences of Zimbabwean economic migrants living in Johannesburg and Mfile is the centre of attraction in the play,” said Daniel Ncube, a cast member who was also assistant director in the film.

“We could have used a tragedy, drama or thriller to portray this life, but then we decided, why not start with a comedy, because hardships and disaster are not all there is to the life of migrants here. We have therefore, decided to launch the production house with this comedy on Mfile, who symbolises the lighter side of the life of Zimbabweans in the flats of Hillbrow, central Johannesburg.”

Mfile is a man in his 30s, who arrives in Johannesburg unannounced, all the way from Nkayi, to cause havoc with his refusal to work, laziness and foxiness that sees him at one stage pretending to be a prophet.

“Mfile is a mischievous man who wants a high-paying office job, yet he is not educated and cannot even write his own name. This is the first step in our quest to extend the scope of Shilolo Music from telling our stories through songs, into drama, poetry and film,” added Ncube.

“We also call upon Zimbabweans who might be having an idea of telling their stories to come forward for assistance. We also shoot high quality music videos for Zimbabwean and South African musicians at affordable prices.”

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