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Shoko Festival is set to produce the biggest international collaboration on the local scene happening Saturday 21 September 2013 at Water Whirld as Dhadza D, N.T.M and Pauline mash it up with Symbiz Sound from Germany.

The Korean-German brothers Buddysym and ChrisImbiss are the two members of Berlin-based Symbiz Sound – an innovative producer duo and live act on the global bass scene.

Influenced by their early interest in Reggae and Hip-Hop, their sound is preceded from Dub-step inspired productions to a versatile, dance-floor oriented, new style – sometimes labeled as 'Future Dancehall'. They have produced songs for leading international artists such as Vybez Kartel.

Always in search for fresh inspiration through collaborations solely based on their productions and run with their Self-made controllers, their concerts transfer the energy of sound system culture in its best form into a globalized electronic club context. The collaboration is going to set the mood for innovation in future Zim dancehall sound with this unique once in a lifetime collaboration.

The Chitungwiza dancehall artist Dhadza D real name Darlington Zhanje is acclaimed for his fiery type of dancehall which he started in 2001 he has been on rotation in the local dancehall circuit with his songs “Baba Fungi” and Magetsi aenda will be hitting hard with the Symbiz Sound.

These two acts will be joined by Nigel Tapiwa Munhedzva a rapper from the Glen-View 3 who recently was on tour in Senegal representing Zimbabwe at Festa 2 H a Hip-Hop festival in Dakar. He prides himself in being able to use his mother tongue in his art which he calls Hip-Hop Ye Chishona. The hardcore beats, lyrics and punch-lines will be met by the piercing vocals of Pauline from Ma’friq as she will bring a dynamic of relief for those that like to sing along.

Shoko Festival is set to run from the 17th to the 22nd September 2013, Shoko is Zimbabwe’s fastest growing international festival and has established itself as a major event on Zimbabwe’s annual arts calendar. The festival is set to run for 6 days, involving over 250 artists bringing together acts from 3 continents. Shoko Festival is an initiative of Magamba Network, one of the country’s leading urban culture organizations working on the cutting edge of culture, activism and new media.

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