The root of our woes

EDITOR - “Intellectualism is not an aim in itself, but the dedication of one’s life to others, the altruistic service of truth, beauty and goodness” (Alexander Spirkin in Dialectical Materialism).

The root of our service delivery woes, lies in the unbridled penchant for materialism by those at the helm. The rot pervades almost all of our institutions. The police force is corrupted, the judiciary is blatantly biased.

The whole system of governance is ailing, despite the fact that the one at the helm boasts multiple degrees. What disappoints me is that, as a nation, we are highly esteemed for our high literacy rate, but our service delivery is pathetic. I feel for the parents in particular. After toiling so hard for school fees, they have nothing to smile about. As, is typical of the Biblical Isaiah’s vineyard, (Isaiah 5:1-7) they are rewarded with sour grapes, despite their tremendous efforts.

The judge is, because of his/her robe; the policeman is, because of his/her uniform. The same applies to the prison officer, the soldier and so on. Parliament is, because of those that have been privileged to squander taxpayer’s money on fruitless arguments. If, as a nation, we are to get things right, then we need to redefine the whole essence of education, go back to the values and principles that define us, as humanity. – Tich, by email

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