Training for teachers

The Zimbabwe Badminton Association has begun a basic training programme for teachers in a bid to revive the sport. Badminton used to enjoy great popularity in the early 90’s, but has since taken a back seat.

Last weekend 20 teachers converged at Prince Edward High school to attend a coaching clinic arranged by association. This was seen as a fundamental step towards revival. The association’s Vice President for Development, John Imbeah, said teachers were critical to the development of the sport due to their access to young people.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to educate people about the sport and spread it far and wide. We have targeted teachers from training colleges, who we then expect to go back and impart the knowledge in colleges and schools. The sport has suffered over the years because of lack of knowledge,” Imbeah said.

The coaching clinics are the ideal foundation for the locals as they gear up for the International Umpires Course, which will be held later this month.

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