Villagers forced to donate food

Villagers here are angry about the recent directive by the newly appointed deputy minister, Munacho Mutezo, to donate cash and maize for his election victory celebration party.

Mutezo, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development, wrestled the seat from Lynette Karenyi of the MDC -T.

With the connivance of traditional leaders, Zanu (PF) have launched a door-to-door blitz forcing poor villagers to part with $1 and a 10kg bag of maize meal. The victory bash will be held at Biriwiri business centre in October.

“Everyone, including MDC supporters, has been asked to donate towards Mutezo’s celebration’s party,” said an affected villager. “Zanu (PF) activists led by the local headman, Willie Chanuhwa, are collecting cash and grain from the villagers. A lot of people in the area are already starving and we do not know where they will get the money and cash for the celebrations.”

Karenyi added that even known MDC -T leaders were being forced to donate towards Zanu (PF) celebrations.

“How can Zanu (PF) force the poor villagers to contribute to its so-called victory party when some of the villagers are surviving on less than a dollar for the whole month?” she said. “We are urging our supporters to resist this day light robbery.”

Mutezo could not reached for comment.

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