Wanted: responsible leaders

EDITOR - It’s disheartening to note that those in leadership positions abdicate responsibility with impunity. I think, as a nation, we have tended to overvalue and worship leaders , rather than the responsibilities that they carry. As a result, those gracing the corridors of cozy offices, see themselves as demi-gods that need to be worshipped in order to do what they are supposed to/paid to do.

That explains why elected Zanu (PF) members can disown and deny members of the opposition basic services. Service chiefs can spew hate speech, which the national broadcaster is not even ashamed to broadcast.

Right from the top, our leadership positions are devoid of, instead of being embodiments of, responsibility. Our predicament is made worse by political patronage as manifested in the recent recycling of dead wood in the cabinet. It’s sad that loyalty overrode merit and competence.

While the president has the prerogative to make cabinet appointments, l totally agree with Nichollo Machiavelli’s assertion that, “the first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men around him”. Virtues like transparency, accountability, and professionalism will remain a pipedream for Zimbabweans, as patronage gives birth to a culture of incompetence and impunity.

What is even more painful are the millions gobbled by such a huge cabinet, when the majority wallow in squalor. As noted by the late Tajudeen Abdul Raheem regarding African leaders, “it is only when it comes to feeding our peoples, educating our children, building roads and hospitals, creating jobs and looking after the welfare of our people that our governments plead lack of resources”.

Therefore, as far as l’m concerned, there is no point glorifying posts that yield nothing. What we urgently need, is not only new thinking and policies, but also a renewal in values, morals and ethics – in a nutshell, a leadership above reproach in integrity, with particular emphasis on competence and responsibility, not loyalty. – Tich, by email

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