We will see justice

EDITOR - I read your lead article “Diamonds running out” with a sense of wonder. Now wouldn’t that be poetic justice - no more greenbacks to feed a hungry beast. Maybe diamonds are not forever after all? But what I find sad is that the estimated nearly $10 billion worth that have been filched from those alluvial fields could have been used to effect a stunning turnaround for Zimbabwe’s economy, paid off debts and used in countless constructive ways.

But it is not to be. Instead they have fed that voracious monster called greed and are scattered all over the world benefitting only a few, instead of millions of needy Zimbabweans. Every time I see a police baton I see a diamond. Every time I see a weapon of war I see a diamond. Every time I see a ballot box I see a diamond. Misused and abused. All designed to subjugate and oppress and suppress!

Some time back I felt the Lord quicken to my spirit that there would be a terrible judgment for those who have trampled on the heads of the poor. I thought of the story of poor Lazarus who lay at the City gates begging for the crumbs that fell off the table of the rich man and I thought of the end of that story; Lazarus safe in the bosom of Abraham and the rich man suffering eternity in hunger and thirst separated forever by an unbridgeable abyss. Surely, we serve a God of justice.

As Zimbabwe faces each new day after the bitter disappointment of July 31st and determines that the fight for truth must go on in each simple and non-violent way – I see a nation of heroes. Zimbabweans have been vilified as a cowardly people, as an apathetic people, as an overly patient people. But I see a nation of heroes – people who have stood and will stand in their unshakeable belief in God and in Christ Jesus. We will go on and victory will be ours in Him.

Thank you for the faithfulness that has become the hallmark of The Zimbabwean. – NM, Harare

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