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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Martin-Ngon Magidi
Martin-Ngon Magidi

Should there be more women in parliament?

Female representation alone without changing the partriachy sys wch characterise mst african institutions is nt the answer but the real battle is socio-cultural, we might have an all women cabnet but that wont change the predicament facing the ordinary women in the street.

As long as we dont change our mindset we shall remain far from solvng ths gender equity or equality issue. Afta all gender sensitivity is mo than just the male and female biological dichotomy, its in the mind so in as much as women representation imyt be essential, the real is in the mind. – Martin-Ngon Magidi

I think majority of zimbos really cnt be bothered and genuinely don’t care – @RueMuchie

How can we get more women into Parliament? no special gender favors. – @itsMcJesus

Even having the debate implies you’re backward third world, alas. World has moved on. – Gordon Markey

well, the men have done such a good job so far. – @SRDorman

We should be well past even asking the question evidence has shown that a balance in gender produced results – @Afrojoy

Yes I wouldn’t mind coz women show motherly love – @TJwekwaChipunza

Does Parliament need more female voices? I don’t think so. how many is more?- @limentuga

Akati vakadzi vanjere dzekusvika pakuda kuzoita 50 50 nevarume ndiyani? Muno muzimbabwa zvakanaka zvakadai vakadzi kumapoto neku korobha mumba fullstop (“Who said women would want to have 50/50 equal representation with men? Here in Zimbabwe, its fine with women being restricted to cooking & cleaning in the homes, fullstop.”) – Kelvin Mangwarara

Do women need a voice in the parliament? – @stupendousA

I don’t think so. – @itsMcJesus

No – Stepheni Pedzi

Even if women can be 4 times more than men, NO! – @stanleeslie

25% women 75% man and not the old horse only but the youth all so. – Simba Mutirwara

Most women are theives eg Rita and Joyce so there is no need to give then 50%, let them steal their 50% using Nikuv- Mudavanhu Marume

No!!! We want equality, not surrendering our God given rights to women! It doesn’t nice but its the truth. – @richmacklin

SADC leaders have decided that Mugabe should be the next chairman of the organisation. Do you agree?

How very progressive of them. – Andrew Grant

Young surely you jest? No ? – Lara

Haaite. – Raphael Shumbayaonda Maya

The only one who can read properly among them. – Fumai Martin

Noone cares. – Tichona Johnera Johnera

Chero. – Golden Java

No. – Christopher Nyamufinama

To hell with SADC!!! – Mukomba Varipi

Yes R G is amongst the founder members of sadac therz nothing new in about the post he had once headed ths higher post than ds one in sadac and it is for the benefit of the heads of states to benefit the diamonds fm their neibour. – Sindiso Sibanda

He deserves to head the mediocre talk show organisation where Heads of State & government, commander in chiefs blow up taxpayers money wining&dining plotting how to loot their countries’ resources&how to extend their terms of officer. – Bee Tee

Castle A bunch of clots led by a robber. – Bee Mundy

No no no. – Sikha N Dichaba

Noooo! African leaders hoooo ??????? – Patrick Makutwane Patrick Makutwane

Don’t care. – Brighton Samaya

Zviri kwavari. ndezvepano pasi. isu wedu mutungamiri haana huori, humbimbindoga, hundyire etc . haisi mhondi akatosacrifice hupenyu hwake for us. Ndiye achatonga vese nevari kukara kutonga pasi rino. – Shadreck Mbiragai

NNoooo! – Bongani Sibanda

Mugabe must die. – Obert Baloyi

Wateva coz hv realised sadc doesnt represent th wl of the ppl bt an elite group of dictators.sis. – Prosper Sibanda

Next chairman .mazihobi aamai vake vakafa vasina musha. – Jethro Chicks

Whateveeeeeer! – WilChiz Murozvi

Joke of the year! – Cassiano Chawodza

Wega haugaye. – Andrew Sithole

No no no. – Nkosi Dube

Guvira obvious the masses have rejected him here. – Tapiwa Carlos

A big No. – Albert Chytsa

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