Why persecute if you won?

EDITOR –On-going reports of political retribution by Zanu (PF) supporters should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. What is mind-boggling is the fact that those who claimed a landslide victory, are at the forefront in victimising opposition supporters.

The most unfortunate part is that the President himself set the tone by rapping Harare and Bulawayo residents for voting the MDC T. As is fashionable in Zanu (PF) circles, his minions joined in the chorus, hence calls by so-called war veterans to bar Morgan Tsvangirai from visiting Buhera, his place of birth and numerous displacements across the country.

The question is, why retribution at a time when we urgently need national healing to correct the anomalous, polarised political environment? And if you win a free and fair race, why harbour feelings of hate and resentment of other competitors?

The inescapable fact is that, every time someone wins, (either fairly or by hook and crook) somebody else loses. So is there need to banish the also-rans in disgrace, relegating them to the dustbin? In my own opinion, that’s not only barbaric, but retrogressive and unpalatable with democratic practices, in this day and age.

After all, we are all Zimbabweans, and we have a right to be free in our God-given land, regardless of our political affiliation. Therefore, electoral victory needs not be deified. Rather, we should live as one, in our diversity and the president should set a good example, rather than stoke the flames of hatred and exclusion.

A father who disowns his own children on grounds that, they hold views contrary to his, is not only irresponsible, but falls into the category of those men that are only grown up, but not mature.

After all, ruling a country is not the same as gambling, which makes sense only if one is winning because money is the ultimate goal and motive behind it. Virtues such as, love, tolerance, respect, understanding, are integral for good leadership.

Otherwise, living in harmony with nature and respecting each other’s rights, as citizens, not only reflects maturity, but is a prerequisite for, peace, stability and development. Political retribution, is at best, naive and at worst, totally grotesque. – Tich, by email

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