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Does a wife have the right to deny their husband conjugal rights?

Absolutely. Sex is the result of a positive relationship. If she needs to withold, something ain’t right- @deLappe

Sex isnt the wife’s only ofering. – @SweBhule

As a man why would you want to do it if she’s unwilling? What’s the point? – @djchelseabarce

Watch supporters of marital rape respond.- @AmeeraBlitz

How about fliping the script. Can a husband withold the same from wife? – @AfricaSoEquator

Do you agree that African solutions often mean substandard solutions that benefit African tyrants?

The so called world class solutions are European solutions and have their own problems as well. We want african solutions – Nixon Mtakwa

Africa should not stubbornly pursue new concepts, but work with the wheel in place- @ZimbaDhayasipo

Yes! Unequivocally – @dvillia

African solutions just good for the tyrants – Nicholas Mutasa Harishandiri

Nicholas Mutasa Harishandiri
Nicholas Mutasa Harishandiri

Agree, Agree, Agree! Africa lacks leadership. Its either the leadership is too clueless to have a vision or too greedy to care. – @keddah83

When I hear such statements I often ask: ‘if you were in power would you do anything differently?’ (in reply to above statement) – @SueNyathi

I say “Yes, I would!” Surely the current way isn’t working. Africa deserve far much better than this. – @keddah83

African solutions are clouted with dictatorial and evil tendencies meant to suppress the majority, impoverishing the whole continent – Bee Tee

Africa is following the same western trends therefore we can only apply their solutions – @tixonfire

It’s because of the capitalistic roots – @ThandiLady

I disagree, most of the “African” problems are not African at all. There is nothing African about dictators, corruption, nepotism and greed. The same problems are found even in Europe and Latin America. They are not African problems. My point is, they are just problems, not African. And they need solutions not “African solutions” – @tbmoyo

Not necessarily; I think most of our problems stem from applying Western solutions to African problems. It’s true however that in most African govts; policies are driven to support the incumbent govt & not the nation as a whole. – @SueNyathi

Not always as lack of accountability plays a big role – @ResurrectZim

Definitely not – @SirNige

Africa should not stubbornly pursue new concepts, but work with the wheel in place – @ZimbaDhayasipo

I can call them African because we are willing to participate in their making (commenting on @tbmoyo’s statement) – @trumpzim

In life there is no African, American,Asian ana European solution. There is only Human solution! Thats why the whole world has Immigration policies. Exchanging of money Ideas and so on not African to lie about that word. Iam very sorry for u guys do through research. good luck all. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Not entirely. Our refusal to confront the log in our Eye blinds us to solutions. – @MariaZest1

100 percent – @dugoib

Totally agree (in reply to @SueNyathi) – @thokmbA2

Corruption is the root cause of Africa’s problems! – @BruceChakatsva

It may be, but those are the problems crippling Africa. Doesn’t matter where they came from cos we got them nw. – @djchelseabarce

Which problems can be categorised as ‘African’? What is African about rigging elections, murder which is sponsored by government, torture, rape ocastrated by government and so on? Let us also accept the dynamism of globalisation and stop this trivial labelling of problems as ‘African’,’ Asian’, etc. – Andrew Cheng Satiya

It is clear this gentleman is seiously misguided in political matters.if this poor gentlema iz not misguided,then l can conclude that this revelation of political illiteracy on the part of mananga is [email protected],yu seem to be easily brainwashed by the cheap excuses of dictators in africa.the so called african solution to african problem iz a yired and desperate statement by these african tryants and they represent nothing other than to manipulate yo little senses into believing that they (tryants) have the solutions to the problems of africa.The fact iz , these dictators are the root cause of african problems thats wy they try by every useless means to manipulate unsuspecting individuals lyke yu sir.yo refferencing of libya, iraq ,and syria is somewhat misplaced.these are gud examples of dictators that did not need their respective continents’ solutions but solution from outside. -Mthokozisi Nxumalo

I totally agree when thet say African problems shld b solved by Africans bcz luk lyk in Iraq US intervened and and nw what is happening civil war, same as in Libya and. Alfaghanistan dats why yu ar seeing Syria remains a big debate of Europe not Africa. – Tarirai Twin Mananga

African solutions are often implemented with the view of protecting those in power only so they end up creating more problems for everyone than solving issues. – Justice Ruvanda

There is no African solution,maybe if we have an African problem. The problem is we seek solutions from non other than ourselves. All I can say is be the change that you want for how long will you blame and weep till you realise that you are the master of your own destiny. – Riginai Django Romweji

There is no African solution on this planet. As far as I know there is human solution. Eg the Germany manufacture BMW, English pple Land Rover, Americans Ford Ranger and the whole World drives these Cars and that proves that there is no continent solution but all human solution.- Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Fan Comments

Got 1, am enjoying yo non-partisan coverage.keep us in the loop.” – Prosper Sibanda

“We enjoy this….report without fear or favour..” – Mthokozisi Nxumalo

I’m rejoicing & jumping up and down to b one of the winners .- Hofisi Gwete

I am responding to your message that l have been chosen as one of the 10 Semi-Finalists for liking your page and generally l am an avid reader of the Zimbabwean. A newspaper that gives balanced news without biase and favouritism. A critical paper that stands as the voice of the voiceless. -Masango Roderick Warakula

Oh already got the paper en going thru seeing the headlines.keep them coming. – Prosper Sibanda

Thax a thousand times team Zimbabwean…yu alwayz have my support…all the way. – Mthokozisi Nxumalo

A Letter to the Editor: “The newly appointed cabinet will not deliver much as it is full of geriatrics & hard core radicals who will pursue Zanu PF’s outmoded & investor hostile policies. Mr Mugabe & the new cabinet vehemently declared to expedite indigenisation policy which is a threat to the country’s economic stability & growth. Zimbabwe is heading towards 2008-9 era of misery & suffering. I therefore urge the international community & donors to quickly come to people’s rescue, people are already starving in many provinces especially the rural folk.” Obvious Benhura, Chikomba East.

What are your sentiments?

“What a gvt….these old croonies are tired.they are a liability to the nation.” – Anon

Jehovha varikumusoro kudenga ndakumbira nenyasha dzenyu 2008 and 2009 ndapota musadzosa zvenyu kana photocopy yacho hatidi kuinzwa Mwari wenyasha makati ukakumbira unopihwa ndakumbira rugare kana munana zvawo tive nyika yechipikirwa yehuchi nemukaka .ndate (The most high God in heaven l have asked your grace so that we don’t see the repeat of 2008 and 2009. You said in your word ask and it shall be given unto you, l have asked for peace or even a miracle so that we have a country full of honey and milk. Thank you. – Angeline Mhlanga

What did Jonah do when he was the Information minister? He messed up big time [email protected]

Do you agree that teaching gender studies from elementary level is the solution to addressing gender gaps in society?

We gave them time since 1980 but they did nothing instead they opress us and brought a vicious cycle of povert to the pple of Zimbabwe. – Thomas Muneri

Can teaching gender studies really trump practical life examples (cultural) in addressing gender equality?- @Xreje

Maybe it can be just another small step in the journey but there’s more to do – @MomoCavalier

I think they should be given time to put their house into order so that they could reorganise and revive the economy.What is obvious is that this is the government which will be there to 2018. – Felix Rutunga

I had already seen this coming,ever since i was born,our country has had the same presidend and nw my children are goin to suffer just lyk we did,we are failng our beatiful country by nt changng the government. – Christine Sparky Gomo

It is not THE solution but is PART of a solution. Needs to be accompanied by a much wider effort. – @DavidColtart

“I am nt one of them bt lets just see once again if they could deliver coz as i see this is their last saper.” – Felix Rutunga

What is gender gap, is this in relation to equality? – @JohnDoeZW

We gave them time since 1980 but they did nothing instead they opress us and brought a vicious cycle of povert to the pple of Zimbabwe.- Thomas Muneri

I am nt one of them bt lets just see once again if they could deliver coz as i see this is their last saper. – Felix Rutunga

All Zimbabwe Election 2013 records must be unsealed and seen – NOW.

To be delivered to ZEC chair Rita Makarau.

We believe Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe must stand together behind a simple call: we want to see all the voters rolls that were used for the Zimbabwe Election 2013 in their proper, searchable, analysable, electronic form, and we want to see all the sealed records of who voted, where they voted, who helped whom, and who got turned away. We deserve this – at the very least. In addition we want to see the 2012 census and citizenship records for comparison.

Hope is like 02 -Kennedy Mafika

I want my vote! I mean to those who stole my vote. – Wellington Easykay Cephas

Is this gonna bear any fruits because the same pply who always deny us fair justice are still in the same positions ,we gonna hit a dead end again. this avenue was supposed to be followed as soon as the election results were announced.Allutah!. -Prosper Sibanda

If they won fairly why refuse to hand over voters roll fo scrutiny. Theived out vote – Tarirai K Chirozva

Yes there is nothing to fear if they won fairly,Vanotyei!!! – Kennedy Mafika

We want to c our votes. – Mthokozisi Nxumalo

What will this achieve right now? – @SirNige

There is no hope t reach lndia!! – Charles Sau Banda

Zanu (PF) spokesperson,

Rugare Gumbo, said the

removal of “sanctions” on

the ZMDC was not

enough. He accused the the EU of being blind to the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans which he said was as a result of the sanctions. Can you think of anyone else who is blind to the suffering of Zimbabweans? #MyZim

Everybody from Zimbabwe, en sam of us scattered round the globe knows why Zimbabwe is where it is now. (protected dictatorship) @ least EU lifted sanctions on an institution thats meant from developmnt en job creation.individual sanctions, who CARES! – Prosper Sibanda

Mugabe and company are blynd to th suffrng of Zimbos. Ngonidzashe Suchrarwe

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