Actors must be specialists – Boora

Popular drama and film actor Lazarus Boora has urged fellow actors to specialise in one form of entertainment rather than straying too soon into unfamiliar territory.

Boora is perfecting his acting so that he can “sweep fans off their feet”.
Boora is perfecting his acting so that he can “sweep fans off their feet”.

Boora, arguably the most celebrated drama actor in Zimbabwe, said he was perfecting his acting skills to give his fans value for money.

“Attempting to be a jack-of-all-trades in art is madness, as one short-changes the audience and fails to leave a legacy,” Boora told The Zimbabwean at one of his shows in Chitungwiza recently. Artists and comedians were urged to perfect their areas of speciality and give it their best.

Boora claimed he was one of the most talented musicians in the country, but would stick to acting as a life career. He said he was climbing one rung up the ladder, from television to film acting.

The award-winning Gringo the Troublemaker was Boora’s debut movie appearance and was released on DVD in July. It took five years to produce the film at a cost of more than $48, 000.

The classic comedian has also featured in several successful drama series, including Giringo Ndiyani, Gringo Cake and Gringo-Classic Zimbabwean Comedy, and in Aaron Chiwundura Mwoyo’s television comedy Chihwerure.

Gringo said he was putting the final touches to another drama series that, he claimed, would sweep his fans off their feet.

Born in October 1973 in Rukweza, Nyazura, Boora was educated at Rukweza and Glen View 2 primary schools, Tafara High in Harare and Mutare Teacher’s College. He joined several theatrical clubs in Mabvuku and Harare. He is now a marketing officer with a Harare company.

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