Don’t lose hope

EDITOR - i set to write this short note just to notify my dear comrades and friends, Zimbabweans in all walks of life that they should not lose hope because of the recent election which the dictator Robert Mugabe rigged against the peoples’ choice - Morgan Tsvangirai. Mugabe was voted into office by securocrats ,headman and chiefs - but this crew have no help in building a new Zimbabwe .

This means he will still fail heavily, and the first people who will go against him are these same crew. What will Mugabe now indigenise which he failed to do in the past 33 years? Where will he employ people when he has failed to resuscitate industries including Ziscosteel, which was sold more than three years ago but is still not operating. Who does he really want to empower when for the past 33 years he has been empowering all his relatives. Dont worry Zimbabwe – the end is near. – Happymore Chidziva, by email

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