Feasting rat race

EDITOR - Reports of the partying and feasting rat race by different Zanu (PF) factions in Masvingo is an unfortunate development that deserve the strongest condemnation.

It is pathetic to note that the leaders chose to embark on a string of parties to celebrate their return from the political wilderness (Hungwe and Mavhaire) at the expense of thousands who wake up with hunger staring in their faces like a hungry lion. Why do our leaders not pool their resources together and source food for the poor, if they are really committed to the people?

It is also disheartening to note that the city has no industry to talk of, save for the Chinese-owned Steel Makers. Most once prosperous industries are now empty, dilapidated shells. Even the heavy presence of multiple NGOs, before 29 of them were banned by the misguided outgoing governor, Titus Maluleke, is a manifestation of the sickness, yet the leaders choose to squander money on endless celebrations.

In fact, those who knew affluent suburbs like Rhodene, will concur that it’s now a pale shadow of its former glory, whilst in high density suburbs like Mucheke F, residents have learnt to cope with, nauseating swarms of buzzing flies everywhere, as Council fails to rehabilitate the dumping site.

Changes made after independence were just cosmetic. No transformation took place in Masvingo. Shouldn’t the leadership be ashamed of its utter failure to prop up the image of the city from which the country’s name is derived? And what goes on in the hearts and minds of the Hungwes and Mnangagwas, feasting, whilst the poor “Lazaruses” of Chivi are fighting for crumbs, as confirmed by chief Chivi himself?

Surely, Masvingo deserves better. The current, recycled dead wood with its propensity for an endless, monotonous, gluttonous binge will take the province, which is lagging behind and burning, nowhere. – TICH, by email

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