Goromonzi win Prince Edward chess festival

Goromonzi High School are the winners of the Prince Edward Chess festival which was hosted by Prince Edward School at the school on 5 October.

The tourney had a strong field of teams which included Prince Edward,Glen Norah Knights,Mufakose 2 High and Churchill.Glen Norah Knights fell to Goromonzi and Prince Edward schools respectively. Jemba Jemusse who was on board one for the Knights drew against Van Madanhi on board one ,while Tapiwa Chikwavaire lost to Kudzaishe Manyanya on board 2,Collins Mabodongwa lost to Anesu Gwezere on board 3,while Kudzai Mhandu is the only Knight that got a point on board 4 against Panashe Gatsi..

The Knights lost to Prince Edward as well.Jemba losing to Lawrence Tavagwisa,Alpha Chaendera lost to Tapiwa Chikwavaire ,while FM Matemavi Tatenda won his game as well as the 4th board.Mufakose 2 High lost 3,5 -0,5 to Goromonzi. Paddington Dzinzi lost to Van Madanhi,Manyanya is the only one who drew on board 2.Gwezere and Gatsi won their games to cement Goromonzi;s win in the tourney. Prince Edward whitewashed Budiriro in the final round.

The most interesting game pitted Lawrence Tavagwisa and Kuzimwai Baila the former team mates at Mufakose 2 High School.Baila lost in a blitz ending to Tavagwisa.They beat all their opponents in a five round tourney.Tapiwa Gora led the Churchill team that lost 3,5-0,5 to Goromonzi.He lost his game to Madanhi.Eventually Goromonzi came first followed by Prince Edward A and Churchill respectively. Seventeen teams took part in the A division and the games were very interesting. Van Madanhi was the best player on board one.

Chapoloza of Prince Edward was the best player on board 2,while Anesu Gwezere was the best player on board 3 and on board 4 Greenwell of Prince Edward was the best player.

Meanwhile in the B Division Seke 1 High were the winners winning all their 5 games followed by Mazowe High School and St. Alberts who both had 4 points. On some special prizes the best senior girls team was Dominican Convent A.They won 3 games and drew 2 games ,while St.Alberts won 4 and lost one.ZRP Boarding school came third. Elaine Gatsi of Dominican Convent was the best player in the senior girls category.

In the Junior girls category ZRP Boarding came first,followed by Chipindura A and Goromonzi respectively. Sibongile Nyathi was the best player in this category.Goromonzi won a floating shield and cash for winning the tourney. Prince Edward and Churchill won some cash prizes for their efforts as well as other best players on boards in different categories. The tourney was run by Mr Bepe assisted by Victor Chimbamu as well as other teachers. Chess players of great potential were seen at this tourney.

Meanwhile HASCA will be having an Annual General meeting at Prince Edward on the 18th of October at 1400 hours.

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