Guitar queen is new music sensation

She describes herself as a guitarist, singer and songwriter, but if her stage performances are anything to go by, she’s more than that. She’s also quite an entertainer with a vibrant presence.

Dynamite on stage: Tariro neGitare
Dynamite on stage: Tariro neGitare

She goes by the name Tariro neGitare and looks set to be added to the names of female musicians who are gaining a foothold in an industry which has been dominated by their male counterparts.

Tariro started her musical journey as a solo artist just a year ago but she has worked with some of the country’s top musicians, including Edith Weutonga and Diana Samkange. She says she’s enjoying this new phase in her life.

“It has been a lot of fun and I have received a lot of support from other artists and people in the industry,” she told The Zimbabwean in an interview after one of her shows.

She describes her music as Afro soul and says her name simply refers to her and her beloved guitar. “My music represents everything that I grew up listening to – Tracy Chapman, a lot of Bob Marley, a lot of India Irie, Lauryn Hill, Hugh Masekela, and Judith Sephuma. I tried to fuse the sounds and came up with something which is mine,” she adds.

“For a young Zimbabwean, my music speaks about love, break-ups and spirituality. The typical experiences that a 28-year-old woman would go through,” says Tariro, who admits she wants to “reach the stars” in her future career. “I see myself becoming a superstar. I think I will be internationally acclaimed. I will definitely be much bigger than I am today,” she says, confidently.

So far, she has released one album and has been pleased by its reception. Tariro is already making a mark at some of Harare’s popular music venues such as Book Café and Jazz 105.

She paid tribute to some of the country’s top female talent.

“I have a lot to learn from them. I particularly admire Hope Masike, Prudence Katomeni, Edith Weutonga and Dudu Manhenga. These are people who have mentored me and I aspire to be like them,” she says.

She adds that it was particularly gratifying that more female musicians were taking up instruments and doing things that only male musicians were doing.

“Women playing guitars used to be looked down upon but these days it’s something to look up to,” she says, adding that she is excited by developments on the local music scene.

“I think it’s very vibrant now. It’s growing very fast and it’s becoming more competitive, which is a good thing. I think artists are really trying to take the art seriously and are running it like a business.”

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