Musical outfit traces roots

Fame and fortune are usually the driving force behind most people making music, but the case is different with Maskandi music group Abafana bakaMashobana.

Comprising Zimbabweans and South Africans, the 10-member group said recently that reviving African tradition and fostering co-existence among Africans was its main agenda.

“The nationalities that make up our membership and the message behind most of our songs speaks to our biggest aim of preaching unity to African nationals,” said 23-year-old Butholezwe Dube, the producer and director of the group, which is currently making waves with its debut album, Ifa Likababa.

“Ubuntu (humanity) is one of Africans’ best traditional values, hence our decision to use maskandi, a popular African traditional music genre, to strengthen the spirit of Ubuntu and remind Africans that we remain one despite our different nationalities.”

Mduduzi Cobekisa Shoyisa, who comes from Kwa Nongoma in KwaZulu-Natal, said the track MaAfrika Asibambaneni calls for Africans to unite and face the world’s challenges as one.

“The song carries a very strong message that Africans should not allow themselves to be divided by petty issues and calls for them to respect one another’s rights. A greater part of Africa is now destitute because of the abuse of its people’s human rights. We are calling for an end to that,” said Shoyisa.

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