Nothing amiss – but Mungoshi himself!

EDITOR – The letter published last week under the headline “Nothing to see here” from David Mungoshi refers. So, it is such a man who is appointed to be a presiding officer, a staunch Zanu(PF) official (by his own admission)! Remarkable!

Mungoshi says there was nothing amiss – without realizing that it is him who is amiss in the first place. Being a presiding officer since 1985 means he is one of those who have been kept in that capacity since the beginning of the rigging of elections. It is clear where this man works: a presiding officer for the past 28 years! He is a really reliable rigger for Zanu (PF) to keep him for so long.

It is also amazing that a man can be such an officer and not know what procedures are supposed to be followed regarding the voters’ role. As far as he is concerned, there was nothing wrong with the elections. He is so blinded by his devotion to his political party that there is nothing that can convince him to be objective about it.

The dead voted. Those in the diaspora voted. And so many centenarians in our country where life expectancy is less than 50. Also so many ‘assisted’ voters in a country which officially claims it has over 90 percent literacy rate. And chiefs herding people under threat of internal exile/deportation from traditional lands. All that bussing of unregistered voters and also the mysterious voter slips dished out in the streets like confetti. And our presiding officer Mungoshi sees nothing wrong with that?

This man seems to know nothing of ‘conscience’ or ‘truth.’

This is the strange capacity of Zimbabweans to tell a lie with a straight face. As for ‘principles’, forget those, as long as Mr Presiding Officer Mungoshi gets paid, he will never think of any principle or virtue as worthwhile aspects of his dignity, that is if he has any at all.

I can go on and on about such people, and how they destroy our country without any shame. – Chenjerai Hove, Sweden

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