The whole system is defective

EDITOR - The singling out of Goodwill Masimirembwa and condemnation of the institutions that should be fighting corruption is mere political grand-standing by the president. The fact is, there is no political will to fight the scourge. People are used to this same old rhetoric, no wonder no-one is listening.

The fact that it’s institutionalized as your article last week headlined “Mugabe’s corruption talk: Why is no-one listening?” pointed out, is a clear indication that it is extremely difficult to get rid of, without reforming the system itself. The system is porous and the powers that be will not dare plug the holes, as they also benefit from it, hence sterile commissions.

It’s only when you become a liability to the president and the party that you become a sacrificial lamb, persecuted and prosecuted. James Makamba and former finance minister, Chris Kuruneri, are good examples.

As long as you are influential and can still sing praise songs for the master, you can be corrupt to the marrow, but still get away with it. Was not the late Kumbirai Kangai appointed ambassador, only to be recycled when the dust settled, after allegations of swindling GMB of Z$28million, when he was Agriculture minister?

Besides, if the president is serious, Mike Madiro, whose case of alleged pilfering of the president’s birthday gifts and extorting money from diamond mining companies, should have been languishing in those lice-infested, filthy cells, especially given that his case was handled by the presidium. But is he not walking scot free? It’s only when you dare question the authorities, that you are stripped naked or you go the Chindori Chininga way.

The police force itself is corrupted, so no salvation can be expected from them. They also deliberately develop cold feet, with regards to high profile cases, because those who are seen as overzealous, either risk their lives or find themselves working at the back of beyond, where conditions are terrible.

On the other hand commissions are meant to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. They are set up to silence the people, since they give the impression that something is happening to bring perpetrators to book, while in fact, nothing comes out. Their results are never seen, as someone very powerful locks them up as soon as they are brought forward, so no worms from the can shall ever be seen.

These commissions are just nother form of corruption. The appointees are pampered with allowances to execute inquiries that never see the light of the day. Why squander taxpayers money. Why not capacitate the police and the judiciary?

Now there is talk about another inquiry into land. But, what about the Utete Commission. What happened to the results and recommendations?

Why do we need another one, if no-one ever bothered about the previous one?

As long as we have this porous system, it’s almost impossible to wave corruption goodbye. – Tich, by email

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