Up to $24,000 a month for dancehall stars

The country’s prominent dancehall artists are raking in a whopping $12,000 to $24, 000 a month in non-taxed earnings from live performances, a survey by The Zimbabwean has exclusively revealed.

A pool of popular names in dancehall circles, including Winky D, Freeman,

Sniper Storm, Shinsoman and King Shaddy are among the country’s highest paid dancehall musicians.

According to the survey, Winky D has been cited as the highest paid – confirmation that he is still the dominant dancehall act in the country.

The listed stars charge varying rates ranging from $1,000 to more than $2,000 a show. Due to their popularity, they are usually guaranteed three live performances a week.

The survey carried out by this reporter indicated that The Ninja President, who has just released a new single called Nhamba RemuSummer, is the highest paid.

The Mafirakurewa star’s management, headed by Jonathan Banda, accepts nothing less than $3,000 per show. However, it could not be established whether the fee varies with or without the Vigilance Band.

Fast-rising star in the making Freeman charges up to $2,000 when backed by a band, and $1,200 without.

Sniper, known as The General, is currently riding high with his single Kwarira Mukati also charges $2,000 for a live band-backed performance. The promoter will also cater for transport and accommodation for eight of his members. The figure drops for a CD-backed performance.

The survey revealed that the money paid to these stars in particular and musicians in general is not taxed, exposing loopholes in the country’ tax laws and the irony that one of the most thriving sectors is not contributing to national income.

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