Vigil laments downward spiral

The Vigil’s initiative in arranging a diaspora conference here this week to discuss the future of Zimbabwe has met with predictable abuse by Zanu (PF) trolls prowling the internet. We think every CIO agent – when they are not out beating people up – spends his office hours in cyber disinformation in the relentless war against truth.

The chair of the conference, Ephraim Tapa, a founder member of the Vigil, came under particular fire after our last diary ‘Disunited Nations’ was published in The Zimbabwean. The comments included the usual tirade against the diaspora for ‘spreading a negative image’ of Zimbabwe, accusing us of ‘cowardice’ for fleeing the country and assuring us that they are overcoming the problems caused by ‘illegal sanctions’.

Our image of the country is more in line with the latest annual survey by the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which puts Zimbabwe 47th out of 52 African countries – ranked according to safety and rule of law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity and human development.

A friend of the Vigil returned home after an absence of 14 years. He reports: “Kuti zvifaye . . . so so, I don’t understand how these guys are running this country. Their politics is more than war, they are out of touch with reality and the 21st century. Hustling yacho is on different level altogether, eish, maone. It’s the same money circulating around the country so the notes are so dirty. You can’t even put that US$ in your wallet.

Manotes acho ari so thick netvsina, omg. People are suffering guys, you see that as you go kumalocation. People are not killing or eating each other, just thinking about bread and butter issues so the level of hustling is serious. Policemen/women are some of the richest people in Zim today. They take bribe big time. A traffic policeman can make up to $150 in a single day.”

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