What to do now, Morgan?

EDITOR - Favour begets favour, the people have favoured you with their trust and hope. What have you given them in return? Nothing but false hope and expectations for the last decade. MDC-T getting into power now seems to be a tougher bet than winning the lotto. How can this be, the masses seem to be in your favour, but the power continues to evade you.

What to do now Morgan Tsvangirai? Clearly that which you have done in the last 13 years has been futile, or maybe you have been aiming at the wrong target altogether, or maybe you are just not cut out to play this game, who knows? Bottom line is from where we stand, your party needs an over-haul, your pistons are starting to misfire and your performance has deteriorated. Before you string along people at rallies and raise their hopes again, please make sure your engine is in tip top shape to perform. – Ben Mazorodze @BenTonMazhi

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