Where is change?

EDITOR - In 1969 it was NDP,1961 ZAPU,1963 ZANU and ZANUPF - all liberation movements. Then we got where we wanted 1980 black independence. Here comes the whole story: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Our countries got many leaders trying to bring this freedom. A change of leadership through change of political parties is needed.

Will Lovemore Madhuku bring change or Morgan Tsvangirai? I am appealing to all Zimbabweans to come up with a plan of developing Zimbabwe by giving the needed support to the opposition parties. What is needed is for us to support one big opposition, for opposition politicians to stop fighting for positions when given the chance like what happened to MDC-T. Politicians should also stop Leaving the electorate and forgetting what you promised them.

ZANUPF regrouped when they formed the GPA and revisited their mistakes, so now opposition leaders especially Madhuku – you never supported GPA – come to the podium and help the nation to revive the idea of leadership renewal .Murambatsvina is coming, violence is renewed, and poverty awakened. Please the nation needs you leaders. After the election you all died. – Machazire Shepherd, by email

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