Who is Mugabe fooling?

EDITOR - Hardly a month after President Robert Mugabe addressed Parliament and spoke very strongly against corruption, he has proved to the world that he is too old to let go his corruption traits.

Comrade Mugabe reportedly took his wife, Grace, and children, Bona and Bellarmine, to New York where he attended the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly meeting and berated Western countries for maintaining sanctions against Zimbabwe (Source: http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news) as part of an 80-member delegation to the world leaders’ annual gathering. This is really unbelievable in a country where the majority are suffering – in a country where there are wide-spread reports of children dropping out of school because their parents cannot afford the fees.

Recently elected parliamentarian Comrade Joseph Chinotimba just failed to say corruption begins from the head (Mugabe) in his recent inaugural speech in Parliament.

Zimbabweans must re-visit our dear Comrade President’s speech as quoted by Garikai Mazara in an article he titled We need a nation of whistle-blowers, and then ask our dear President if he is really leading by example: “Who are the beneficiaries? The people or yourself? Corruption, kazhinji tinotaura nenyaya ye corruption. Ava vakuru muri kuregerera corruption, but corruption-ka, it’s not that easy to detect.

Painoitwa pachivande-vande. The fact that one has emerged rich may be proof, proof of corruption, but it’s hidden proof. Haungoti nokuti uyu akavaka imba, aah akaba mari. Ko kana akakwereta and vanhu vakachenjeraka mazuva ano. Ndakatora chikwereti; ndakazoita zvakati.

“Hamungangorambe muchiti ngativhenekei, ngatiitei zvakati. But those who know that there have been payments made should say so. Vanopihwa macommissions vachiona kuti macommissions ari kuitwa pass, must be able to come out and tell us that, indeed, ehe pakati pane zvakati zvakaitwa, zvakati zvakati. We would be very grateful. But we can’t victimise people merely because there is an appearance of a person prospering when circumstances for his prospering are not that visible. We will want proof, proof, proof, proof. (Source: http://www.zimbabwesituation.com/news) – Daniel Berejena, by email

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