Who should be ashamed here?

EDITOR - The vitriolic attack on Britain and the United States by President Mugabe when he addressed the 68th session of the UN General Assembly recently did not surprise me.

It has become the norm, rather than an exception, for Mugabe to rap the British and the Americans, whenever he attends these sessions. Those who believe his rhetoric of working with our detractors should simply know that a leopard does not change its skin.

“Shame, shame, shame to the USA, to Britain and its allies” he ranted. The million dollar question is, who should be ashamed here?

As Africa’s oldest leader, leading a country without its own currency, Mugabe himself should be ashamed. His mismanagement of the economy has reduced Africa’s breadbasket into a begging bowl.

We cannot boast of sovereignty while we use the imperialists’ currency. Ours, which had become as worthless as toilet paper, became defunct and it’s revival remains a pipe dream. Shouldn’t he be ashamed?

With regards to Millenium Development goals, we are way off target. Statistics show that 75% of the rural population, don’t have access to clean water, a third practice open defecation, 33years after independence. They share water with animals, a terribly disgusting situation summed up by former Water Affairs Minister Samuel Siphepha Nkomo, when he said, “…we hope to reduce and ultimately eliminate the dehumanizing situation where rural dwellers have to share water sources with animals”. Shouldn’t the president be ashamed, cruising in limousines whilst those who form the solid base of his support suffer so much?

The farming season is around the corner, but the government is bankrupt and cannot aid farmers with inputs. In addition, most of our skilled people are scattered across the globe, some doing menial tasks, because there are no jobs or they have fled persecution at home.

Hiding behind the smokescreen of sanctions, will not ameliorate our current predicament. – Patriot, Harare

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