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Tell us your experience of service delivery in your area. What do you think can or should be done to improve the situation?

Exaverio Dafa
Exaverio Dafa

Our roads in the city of Bulawayo need a facelift. Our cities must be run by people who understand the ‘world class’ concept – @RedOctober8670

Why do you think Zuma abandoned his tough stance on Zimbabwe?

Zuma was told in no uncertain terms that Zanu PF would intensify its support & funding for Julius Malema’s EFF to topple him – @MJairosi

The Art of War by Sun Tzu says that one should not fight a battle that they know they cant win … – @pshumba

Many Zanu (PF) officials are talking about tackling corruption? Do you think they are serious?

Nxaaa zvipiko corruption inopera kana zanu yabva wastin of time en resources (Corruption will only come to an end when Zanu resigns, wasting of time and resources.) – Romeo Konshens Dzamike

Do you think they will follow through with their promises

Kana usingadi corruption siya party yedu pliz. -Mudavanhu Marume

Wa Ngwhena Will he not try again to snatch the crocodile project at Mokambi safaris from the community now called joice mjuru coperative while fighting corruption? – Ndhalega Hasani Wa Ngwhena

Zanu (PF) ndeyeropa. Bhasikiti must be careful. Wish him good luck! – Gain Sibanda

More like intensify corruption! All they want is to get close to the feeding troff again! [email protected]

No how can they tackle corruption when they have got skeletons in their closets – @farayimate8

Ah? No. – @SaffaZimbo

They must first investigate chombo where he got all the premises he owns… – @muzenda_obert

Corruption can only be tackled by those who don’t have skeletons in their closets, now kuZanu asina ndiani – @BruceChakatsva

In the world every politician has skeletons in his closet – @Gr8Zimbabwe

No. Wow can they investigate their corrupt practices? – @farayimate8

Lol. The proverbial thief setting out to catch a ‘budding’ thief. Spare us the grief – @pasirugare

Telling us you want to tackle corruption without outlining how, ain’t much consolation for me at least. Walk the talk ! – @MariaZest1

Is Mugabe serious about tackling corruption?

There is no way Zanu can fight corruption. They ARE the corruption, so fighting corruption z tantamount to fighting themselves. – Regis Kaledza

Exaverio Dafa hahahaha! thats how serious he is!! -Exaverio Dafa

Blaz John no not serious – Blaz John

True,but how positive can we be in such a negative environment?Woudnt that be deluding ourselves? – Regis Kaledza

The only way is down down down! corruption??? – Exaverio Dafa

Do you think Lobola can damage newly-weds’ relationships & financial security?

Only if the true principles of lobola are not adhered to – @sbsebele

It has the potential to do so once greed enters the picture or if on the other hand the man refuses to pay even a cent. – @djchelseabarce

Yes big time coz at times the parents over charge, and they wanna become rich by lobola – @TJwekwaChipunza

How should be paid for lobola – @

No it can’t in difficulties you get even closer. If it does damage then someone is not being sincere. [email protected]

Yes it does, most parents are charging a lot of money, its no longer a principled affair – @sofiamapuranga

Hell no! – @Sim_Nyam

Maybe we hear only the bad stories and not enough good stories to balance modern day perception – @sbsebele

We love and respect our culture but nowadays its being abused. Marry a Masvingo Girl and see. – @tinotendanyota

I think it should be abolished altogether.There is absolutely no reason why a parent should be paid for raising his/her OWN child.Furthermore in tough economic enviroment young couples should be walking into marriage with savings not dead broke.They should be using that money to buy furniture and other basics cash, not on credit, plunging themselves into debt that most of the time spirals out of control.No matter how much they try to ‘sugarcoat’ it, lobola is selling your daughter. Women are not commodities but are equal beings. They equally fall in love and benefit frm the union.Some will say its our culture but ‘barika, musengabere, kugara mukadzi nhaka’ are also our culture that we are no practising – Phiri James Gordon

Do you think Mugabe’s anti-corruption talk will bring about any action this time when three ministers, previously investigated, have been retained in the cabinet? #MyZim

Since when did he start to walk the talk? If he’s serious,he must start with his cronies. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Do you think Zimbabwean people and politics would benefit from a new political party? #MyZim

It will give an awakening to the perrenial Mdcs formation which are dosile and sleeping and wthout any fundamentals! Madhuku’s party hs fundamentals,it is a social democratic party oriented on pan africanism!This wld be diff from the mdcs whose only agenda was regime change – Stephen Zimuto Chinhuwo

Editor’s Comment on CORRUPTION – How far does the net need to be cast to fight corruption? #MyZim

Thanx for highlighting these issues,they must be documented and filed maybe they can be re-visited when government is ready to fight corruption.The media should continue to publicise these cases. – Bee Tee

The net is never cast wide because the custodians of the law&the political top heavy are the chief culprits.So many cases have been swept under the carpet with compelling evidence available. – Bee Tee

The pen is mightier,we rely on you the brave media to expose these corrupt regimes.With the coming in of the Professor to the media ministry it will be a torrid time for you guys but rise up. – Bee Tee

The people don’t have a choice,their voices are never heard.We are taken for granted,corruption is being done openly.Have a look at frequency&intervals of roadblocks along the same highway. – Bee Tee

Huori hwauraya nyika hwauraya Zanu wa Mugabe onaizvamungaita kana muchida kuti nyika isumuke womesai zvakanyanya ipapo ndatenda (Corruption has destroyed our country, Mr Mugabe please see what you can do for our country to prosper, be firm on corruption. Thank you) – Master Sylvester Madondo

Do you think Zimbabweans will feel less informed with the shrinkage of media space?

Imi hamuzivi here kuti Zimbabwe haina basa neMedia kana ivo vaine mabasa munhu wese ane basa. Vanoda kuti ivo varambire mumabasa egovernment, voti isu tiri mapenzi tinoda varungu kuti vatiitire mabasa. Vanofunga kuti isu hatifunge ivo ndivo vanofunga chete. Ibvai timbo shandawo mabasa iwayo emugovernment tione ivo vanoitei nenyaya yemabasa. Havadi Creation of employment like pvt radio and tv stations. Saka ini handiziwewo type yeimployment inodiwa neZimbabwe becoz everything is nonsense. (Don’t you know that Zimbabwe doesn’t care about media as long as they are employed. They want to remain working for the government, and they keep on saying we want white people to work for us. They think they are the only intelligent ones. Pave way for us to work in government. They don’t want creation of employment like pvt radio and tv stations. So l don’t know type of employment needed by Zimbabwe because everything is nonsense.) – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

We’re now living in a global village, with nothing to hide, credit to this information super highway…the world wide web.- Gain Sibanda

Yes first tv closure was a democratic move coz the rule of law means zero toleration of unlawful media, retrenchments add on democratic wave blowing corrupt job creaton agendas, if you read arround you will embrace tis minister – Bekezela Gumbo

Yaa thats true you can say that again – Memore Mugova

Whats left is the closure of social network mirai muone – Charles Snr Chataika

Ndi jona wese iyeye – Docter Nhunzvatunzva

Yep, with media hangman Jonah Moyo at the helm,l forsee a gloomy future for free expression in Zim…- Regis Kaledza

A letter for the Editor: ‘Wanted: responsible leaders – It’s disheartening to note that those in leadership positions abdicate responsibility with impunity. I think, as a nation, we have tended to overvalue and worship leaders, rather than the responsibilities that they carry. As a result, those gracing the corridors of cozy offices, see themselves as demi-gods that need to be worshipped in order to do what they are supposed to/paid to do.’ Tich.

Total abuse of authority.what a shame – Honest Chademana

It all starts with mugabe.we got different types of criticism.there is constructive criticism bt u will c that in our country neither of them z allowed.the behaviour of a n institution z a pure reflection of its leader.- Prosper Sibanda

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