ZEC is in contempt

EDITOR – Surely the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is in contempt of court? The legislation pertaining to inspection of voters rolls and provision of copies states clearly: “(3) The Commission shall within a reasonable period of time provide any person who requests it, and who pays the prescribed fee, with a copy of any voters roll, either in printed or in electronic form as the person may request.”

It is common knowledge that The MDC-T requested an electronic version of the voters roll but was delivered only a printed copy the night before the July 31 election. It’s pretty obvious that the printed copy originated from the electronic version. The electronic version HAD to be functional to print the hard copy. So why didn’t they provide the electronic version if they had nothing to hide?

ZEC maintains they cannot supply electronic copies of the voters roll because of a technical fault in the equipment. Do they honestly believe that we are so stupid as to believe such hogwash?

Computers have hard drives and those hard drives can be easily accessed and the relevant files can be recovered. Anyone with half a brain and few years’ experience using a computer would know that ZEC are telling lies.

But given events leading up to the election, it is no wonder ZEC, under the command as we all know of Zanu (PF) Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede, was so reluctant to provide the electronic version which had direct input from NIKUV. It’s no wonder they will not supply electronic versions two months after the elections. They have something they need to hide from the people of Zimbabwe.

What really bothers me is that it appears that certain organisations and individuals, who could be in a position to force ZEC to comply with the law and expose the truth, don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

Is this extremely serious matter being “parked” just like all the other critically important terms of the GPA and roadmaps to the last election? Please tell me I am wrong. Please tell me something is being done. – Angry voter, MASVINGO

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