African doubts over Zimbabwean election

EDITOR – “The voters’ roll should be made available to all stakeholders for verification and inspection in both electronic and hard copy format at least 14 days before elections,” reads part of the Africa Union report on the Zimbabwean July elections.

Another very interesting revelation was that at one polling station in Matabeleland South in Gwanda, 85 voters were referred to the command centre for reasons like voters’ names appearing for the wrong ward and names not found on the voters’ roll.

The report concludes: “The AUEOM hopes that Zimbabwe Election Commission will account for the ballots to the satisfaction of stakeholders and all interested parties.”

So how can there be a credible election where there is no credible voters’ roll? How credible were the preparations when you end up with 85 per cent of voters encountering difficulty voting?

Importantly, the report quoted is not a British or an American product; it is the report of an African institution on an African election. Mugabe is very good at bashing the British and the Americans each time he wants to justify his election theft, and I hope he has a convincing response to this discovery by our African brothers.

What should we Zimbabweans do to liberate ourselves? If we do not act, our suffering will continue. The little that anyone can do is tell the Zimbabwean story out there and shame Mugabe. Those of you who are privileged to travel back to Zimbabwe on holiday should listen carefully to the people’s side of the Zimbabwean stolen election, and the fact that the ordinary Zimbabweans, who are brave enough to express their political choice, are being denied any form of humanitarian assistance by the evil regime.

To kill evidence of rigging, Mugabe’s agents are now approaching the brave MDC-T parliamentary candidates who managed to raise the money to challenge the election theft in court to withdraw their petitions. I have it on good authority that Ezra Chisa Sibanda and Eric Knight were promised a radio licence if they withdrew their petitions, and that several others were paid large sums of money to do the same.

If Mugabe is sincere about uprooting corrupt, he should order an investigation into the withdrawal of petitions challenging the July 31 election theft. – Daniel Berejena Gweru

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