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Tattoo turns artist’s arm into a comic

A US artist has turned himself into a comic by having blank panels tattooed on his arm – which he fills in every day.

Patrick Yurick wanted to combine his love of comics with an unfulfilled desire to get a tattoo.

The perfect opportunity presented itself when the 30-year-old from San Diego saw a coupon deal for a cut-price inking.

He said: “I have wanted a tattoo for over a decade but could never commit to a design.

“I am too picky with my art and being married to one single design on my body was always a tough decision.

“I decided on a four panel format as an homage to Bill Watterson, author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.

“Sometimes I get in one or two a day and sometimes I just don’t have enough time to finish them and I wait for a really great idea.

“I do take the comic seriously though. My ultimate dream with the whole project is to generate a couple of hundred strips and take the 50 best and make them into a high quality picture book.”

Mr Yurick’s daily comic strips can be viewed at:

Hit-And-Run Revenge Driver Jailed For 20 Years

A motorist caught on CCTV ploughing into a group of men as they crossed the street – leaving one of them brain-damaged – has been jailed for 20 years.

Aqab Hussain was convicted of four counts of attempted murder by a jury at Manchester Crown Court at an earlier hearing.

CCTV footage captured the 21-year-old mowing down the men after “horseplay” over a baseball cap led to a fight outside a club in Manchester city centre.

One was catapulted over the roof, another knocked to the side and a third carried down the street before Hussain swerved to dislodge him from the bonnet of his car.

One of his targets managed to jump out of the way of his vehicle.

Rachael Pavion, prosecuting, said the car was used as a “lethal weapon” as Hussain “sought revenge by driving at speed deliberately at the four men with a clear intention to kill”.

The attack in John Dalton Street in the early hours of August 21 last year left one of his victims with “life changing” injuries.

Michael Ward, who was carried several metres down the street on the bonnet of Hussain’s car, spent many weeks in a coma after suffering injuries to his brain.

The court heard the injuries were so severe Mr Ward could not remember he had three children, and that he would never be able to look after himself.

His wife, Maryrose, was in court for the sentencing, and said of the prison term afterwards: “In a way I am disappointed, but in one way I am happy, because it would have been worse if they never caught the person who ran my husband over.

“It ruined my husband’s life, and my life, and my kids … he can’t remember my kids … so happy in a way and then feel upset in one way.”

She added: “He can’t talk, he can’t walk. He has no concentration, he has no memory of years ago, the kids. We’ve been married seven years, no memory. He can’t wash himself, he can’t feed himself … I will care for him for the rest of my life.”

Hussain, who declined to give evidence during the trial, showed “complete disregard” for his actions and fled the country three days after the attack.

Police arrested him at Manchester Airport seven weeks later on his return to the UK.

Witness accounts, CCTV footage and forensic evidence helped prove that he was behind the wheel of the car.

Hussain, from Manchester, was also disqualified from driving for 15 years.

Woman’s housemates hog the sofa

A Lincolnshire woman who bought a ‘micro pig’ on a whim has ended up sharing her home with two huge 17st porkers.

Janey Bryne, 45, from Laughterton, originally bought what she thought was a micro pig back in 2009.

The receptionist paid £350 for Meeka and thought that she would grow no larger than a small dog.

However, when Meeka began to get bigger and bigger she soon found out that she had actually been sold a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

And with Meeka loving to hog the sofa it soon caused friction between Janey and husband David.

Despite this the pair were won over by Meeka’s porcine charm and even bought her a pal in the form of Molly last year.

The couple, who also have two dogs, now spend around £100 a month on pig food and £350 every three months to have Meeka and Molly’s trotters trimmed.

Man wants to date girl who has his phone

A Swiss student who had his smartphone stolen has promised the young woman who ended up with it that she can keep it – if she agrees to a date.

Niklaus Knecht, 24, realised his phone had ended up in the hands of a pretty girl living in Morocco after she started using it as a camera, unaware the picture upload function was still switched on.

The telephone was stolen in April when he was on a train in Switzerland and dozed off – waking up to find someone had sliced open his jacket pocket and stolen it.

He bought a new phone and forgot about the old one until suddenly pictures of the young girl started turning up in his dropbox.

Some of the pictures are relatively mundane – a snap for example of her student study plan – while others show family members, possibly her grandfather and grandmother in traditional clothing.

But many more show the girl herself lying on the bed, showing off new clothes or posing by romantic backdrops such as a waterfall or in a park.

Mr Knecht said: “I am really keen to find out who she is and more about her. I’d like to meet her and am prepared to travel to Morocco to see her.

“I think it would be interesting to find out how she ended up getting the phone, although I’m sure she had nothing to do with the original theft.”

He has set up a Facebook site together with Australian friend Alex Moshovelis in the hope that the girl will get in touch and they have uploaded some of her snaps.

He added: “I can see that some 13,000 people in Morocco have looked at the Facebook page so I’m fairly confident that somebody will be able to identify her or one of the people from the hundreds of snaps she’s uploaded on the phone.

“It would be great to meet her and of course she’s welcome to keep the phone.”

The world’s longest moustache

An Indian man has been officially named the owned of the world’s longest moustache – at an astonishing 14ft long.

Ram Singh Chauhan, 58, from Jaipur in Rajasthan state, says his whiskers are his “most prized possession”.

He has spent an incredible 32 years cultivating the tash which he spends two hours a day grooming.

Chauhan, whose tash landed him a part in James Bond movie Octopussy, said: “Growing a moustache is like taking care of a baby – you really need to nurture it.

“It has taken me a long, long time to get it to 14 feet. It’s not been an easy task.” Chauhan started growing his moustache during his late teens.

“I haven’t used a shaving blade on my moustache, or trimmed them since 1970,” he says with a wide smile.

“The moustache is the symbol of pride and respect. In ancient India, a moustache meant everything. It is priceless. It’s a man thing.”

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