EFZ castigates prosperity churches

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe has castigated churches that are engaged in Christian malpractices for the purposes of fleecing money from their congregants. This comes in the wake of the banning of Bishop Robert Gumbura’s RMG Independent End Time Message Church by the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe for its “Satanic leanings”.

“While freedom of worship is a constitutionally guaranteed right, and should be enjoyed by all, we urge all Zimbabweans to exercise caution, discernment and due diligence in choosing churches and leaders of churches that are bible-based and Christ-centred,” said the EFZ, in a recent statement.

“This is especially important in the light of the numerous so-called “prophetic” and “prosperity” churches that have become a trap to the gullible and a money-making scheme for their leaders. The EFZ has long expressed its concerns against the non-biblical and non-ethical foundations of many of these churches.”

There has been a proliferation of churches performing “signs and wonders” as well as pursuing the gospel of prosperity. The ACCZ has ruled that Gumbura’s church was practicing Satanism, saying, “There is clear evidence of acts of Satanism. Church members are defending him and they believe he was acting on behalf of the Lord Almighty.”

The EFZ said it was alarmed about the increasing reports of unethical and immoral acts, including rape, perpetrated by certain sections of the church’s leadership.

“Acts such as rape are themselves unacceptable but become even more reprehensible when perpetrated by those purporting to be custodians of spirituality, morality and integrity” said the EFZ.

“We call upon all churches to return to the true Biblical standards of leadership, that is, humble and compliant with biblical principles, accountable to the Christian community, and serving the flock without greed, deceit and self-interest.”

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