Knock down homes? Let’s say “no”!

EDITOR – I noted with distress that Harare was to commence a so-called clean-up operation. After the 2005 Murumbatsvina how can we ever allow the destruction of houses and businesses again?

What shocks and disgusts me is the sale of illegal stands etc to desperate Zimbabweans in order to get votes.

A stance must be taken against this and proof must be collected and those guilty parties made to compensate all residents who were deceived into buying and building on these illegal stands.

How low down must our politicians sink in order to gain a miserable vote and in the process destroy another person’s life.

I encourage all Zimbabweans to wise up to the devious ploys of the politicians and their politicking and grandstanding and empty promises.

After nearly 34 years, I would have thought we would have learned something. When are we going to say Zvakwana, zvakwana! Clean up the city, yes! Knock down peoples’ houses, no! What we should be doing is cleaning up our nation’s leadership and holding them accountable. – NBS

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