Mudzuri insists MDC future lies with people and not individuals

Elias Mudzuri, the MDC-T MP for Warren Park, has come out guns blazing, insisting people should be afforded the opportunity to debate how they want to see the party governed from now until the next elections.

Elias Mudzuri
Elias Mudzuri

The former mayor of Harare sparked tension in the party last week when he wrote an opinion piece offering five scenarios that he said could shape the destiny of the MDC-T, or its demise.

Following the publication of the article there have been several accusations thrown at Mudzuri, with party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s loyalists branding the MP ‘ambitious’.

The media is suggesting Mudzuri is gunning for the MDC-T presidency where he is angling to fight for the top post with Tsvangirai. The MP told SW Radio Africa on Tuesday that it is wrong for people to suggest he’s power hungry when the article was meant to generate debate on how the party can survive the next five years.

In scenario number one of the article Mudzuri wrote: ‘The status-quo remains and MDC go for the 2016 Congress with the current leadership.’

However it is scenario number four that seems to have caused uproar in the party. It reads: ‘Morgan Tsvangirai is the godfather of the party. He steps down ceremoniously and a new leader is elected. He becomes a “Mandela” of the party. Structures are re-engineered, including the party constitution, which will limit the future party president to two terms only.’

Mudzuri said: ‘The idea of the article was to initiate debate which affords our supporters to take part. This is critical because we need guidance from the public to point out the direction we should take after the elections.

‘This includes looking at the leadership as well but it is not for me to pick and choose, that remains the preserve of the masses.”

Accepting the fact that he was putting his political career on the block by raising the issue, the Harare based legislator chose to remind people that the MDC-T is a democratic party, a people’s party that is not short of leadership.

‘Leadership is in abundance but let’s not limit debate on that to a few individuals. Let’s take it away from individuals and make it a national debate because the country has a right to choose whoever they want as their leaders.

‘This is why I said if people still want Tsvangirai to lead the party, so be it, let that be said openly because nothing has been happening, it has been quiet since we lost the elections. This is the reason why I took it open myself to be a sacrificial lamb to open debate on that,’ he added.

A fierce Tsvangirai loyalist told us Mudzuri has completely missed the plot and in the process he has given himself the kiss of political death.

‘Even if he has ambitions to challenge Tsvangirai, he should do it discreetly and with tact. The Tsvangirai brand is phenomenal, in my opinion Mudzuri’s career within the MDC is as good as over,’ the senior official said. – SW Radio Africa

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