Ndoda helps young talent say it through music

Zimbabwean rumba musician Allen Ndoda is now nurturing talent as a way of giving back to the community. The South Africa-based star recently helped the fast-rising rumba group, Simunye Brothers (United Brothers) to release their debut album titled Izinto ziyatshintsha, which encourages Africans to unite no matter what challenges they face.

The Simunye Brothers with their mentor, Allen Ndoda.
The Simunye Brothers with their mentor, Allen Ndoda.

Fronted by Onimas Nkunzi and Amosi Jika Sibanda, the six-track album features songs such as Ziyantshintsh ‘izinto, Wena ndoda, Asivumeni izono, Zama nawe, Nduna and Bakwinya bangu.

“Giving back to the land which gave birth to me and taught me life is essential to me as a musician,” said Ndoda told The Zimbabwean earlier this week.

“Whatever I do is for my country. I like to work with youngsters so they reach their goal as well. After realising that Sibanda and Nkunzi had talent, but were facing problems that I recognised from my early days, I decided to come in and help them live their dreams. I produced their debut album, and it’s causing a stir in South Africa.”

An ecstatic Sibanda said: “Our album has a positive message, as it focuses on us triumphing over our setbacks as Africans in our various communities. We encourage people out there to guide us to success as they are part of us.”

Nkunzi said: “Despite hardships, young artists mustn’t listen to negative people who are only good at criticising. Ndoda is the best mentor to work with and only the best can deliver young artists to success. That is why our album mainly focuses on and emphasises unity.”

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