Skilled workforce a threat to ruling class

I had already written my first article for this column when the news came that the-people-with-three-houses planned once again to demolish the homes of the poor and the not-so-rich. Murambatsvina 2.

It was something of a shock that this came so soon after an election where Zanu (PF) had announced something resembling a reconstruction programme. This act of Class Violence sends a clear message:

“We fought the liberation struggle not against oppression, but against white oppression so that we could replace it with black oppression. We do not need people who are skilled or people who are aspiring to better their lives. If you are a skilled worker or technician, get out of this country to South Africa, Botswana or Hell.”

Zanu (PF) had already told us that its plan to create jobs was a lie created for its needs at the election. The party has correctly seen that a skilled and educated workforce is a threat to the rule of the parasitic black bourgeoisie (pbb), which it represents as a party. Thus, for them to stay in power, there must only be two classes, the pbb (Please do not grace this abbreviation with capitals) and the intimidated poor.

Now to get on with my original article.

Some years ago (I was then a member of Zanu (PF)) a harassed looking man, probably in his late forties, told me, “Look what Mugabe is doing to me! I can’t afford to live – I am only a labourer and I have six kids to keep.”

Another case: one ‘entrepreneur’ that I knew told me vehemently, “You see! Mugabe is ruining the economy.”

“What do you do?” I said. “I’m an importer.” “But don’t you also export something?”

“No, no – that’s too much of a problem. Importing is easy — I just make a phone call or get someone over the internet and the goods arrive and I sell them.”

Now before people start saying “I told you so – Beddowes is still Zanu, he’s defending Mugabe!” I wish to point out that I love Zimbabwe and resent the fact that I now live in the middle of Johannesburg — and a very large part of the reason for that is because the government has failed to plan anything successfully other than the very successful enrichment of its ministers, high officials and the rest of the black elite. Anyway, with the withdrawal of ZAPU, there is no longer a Patriotic Front and no longer a true Zanu (PF) – only naked, thuggish Zanu (PF).

This, however, is not the whole story. Zimbabweans are very irresponsible.

You don’t like this statement? Let me repeat it.

Zimbabweans are very irresponsible.

Why did the man who is only a labourer have six children and then complain that he was having difficulty looking after them? Birth control is easily available in Zimbabwe.

Why was the ‘entrepreneur’ too lazy to export Zimbabwean goods and help the country acquire valuable Forex? We all have a responsibility to build our country wherever we are in society.

Let us now look at the so-called Zimbabwean political parties. Why do I call them so-called? Because they discuss anything but politics. Number one discussion is about the leadership of whatever organisation they belong to. They can really fight about this.

Number two is about people’s sexual habits – who is sleeping with who? Worst of all: What about the gays?

The majority of the skilled workforce is outside the country; those that are inside the country are being paid on the 45th of the month if they are paid at all. Perhaps I am exaggerating. There is a real debate about the economy. Zanu (PF) believes that China should develop Zimbabwe: most of the opposition believes that the West should develop Zimbabwe.

The real point is that we must develop ourselves – and Zimbabweans must stop being irresponsible. See you next week.

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