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Japanese premier used car exporter, BE FORWARD, has launched the “BE FORWARD 25 Car Xmas Campaign” under which 25 lucky winners will win used cars from December 1-25.

The contest is open to persons above 18 years and began on November 1 ending on December 25.

Participants are required to like the BE FORWARD Facebook page and then complete an entry form. Only one entry per person is required and group entries are not allowed.

“Twenty-Five (25) winners will receive a used vehicle of their choice selected from available stock chosen by sponsor to meet particular requirements of each winner’s respective county of residence with a maximum listed value per prize of $2,500 USD FOB (excluding taxes) plus shipping fees provided by the Sponsor. The prize will be fulfilled by Sponsor.

“Sponsor will supply the selected prize and pay the shipping costs to the nearest port of the winner at sponsor’s sole discretion,” said BE FORWARD.

The company said that winners would be “solely responsible for all applicable taxes, clearing services, car insurance, licensing, registration, title and any other costs, expenses, and fees associated with the prize”.

According to BE FORWARD, no purchases or payments of any kind are necessary as they would not increase one’s chances of winning.

Between December 1, 2013 to December 25, 2013 an entrant’s name will be chosen every day no later than 6:00 p.m. Japan Standard Time, generating a total of 25 winners.

Each selected entrant will be contacted by email immediately after the entrant is selected. If the prize is not selected by the winning entrant within seven (7) days after the entrant is selected that, selected entrant will be disqualified and another eligible entrant may be selected based on the entry and selection rules set out above.

If the selected entrant does not complete the required documentation within forty-eight hours after prize selection, the prize would be forfeited and returned to stock for sale.

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