£4m Bitcoin fortune thrown in the bin

A computer hard drive holding a Bitcoin virtual fortune has been buried under tons of rubbish after its owner accidentally threw it away.

Metro reports that the hard drive has on it a digital wallet containing 7,500 Bitcoins, an online virtual currency worth £4million.

Bitcoins were worth almost nothing when they were created in 2008, but the cryptocurrency’s value has since soared.

IT worker James Howells bought and stored them on his laptop in 2009. In 2012 he spilt lemonade on the computer, which he dismantled to salvage some parts. He placed the hard drive in a drawer until he had a clear-out this summer.

He realised last week that the ‘private key’ needed to access and spend the Bitcoins was on the drive which he had thrown in the bin.

Howells told the Guardian: “You know when you put something in the bin, and in your head, say to yourself ‘that’s a bad idea’? I really did have that. I don’t have an exact date, the only time period I can give is between 20 June and 10 August. Probably mid-July.” Howells has given up the search, but Docksway landfill site near Newport in Wales is preparing for an army of virtual treasure hunters.

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