Company closures dim hopes for 2014

Retrenchments and company closures have dampened the festive mood and diminished hopes for 2014, especially for young people hunting for jobs.

Fanuel Nyamasvisva
Fanuel Nyamasvisva

The Zimbabwean caught up with some youths from Goromonzi to hear their hopes and expectations for the coming year. “It looks like it’s going to be very hard with so many companies closing. It doesn’t look good when you realise that those already employed are being laid off. I don’t know how it’s going to be possible for me to get a job,” said Simon Kaponda.

Todd Tambudze, retrenched by a security company, said life without a steady income was unbearable. “I hope new companies will be opened and provide new jobs in the coming year. As young people we need employment in order to take care of ourselves,” Tambudze said. “It is very hard for me because I was getting accustomed to taking care of myself. Now I am back where I started.”

Ralph Machingura said he was disappointed by the government’s inaction. “We need these factories open so we can get jobs. There is very little hope for people like me,” he said.

“I hope 2014 will be better because it’s hard looking for a job in this environment. It doesn’t seem as if the government is doing anything to prevent more job losses,” said Fanuel Nyamasvisva.

Simbarashe Zindoga said “The way things are now shows that in the future it can get worse. I have been looking for a job now for more than two years. Instead of people getting jobs I think more people will lose jobs because nothing has changed. The only news on jobs that we get is of companies closing or downsizing.”

Absolom James said “Things are hard. I have never been employed in my life. I hope 2014 will mark a new beginning for me and instead of closure of industries we will hear of industries opening,” James said.

Bathelmew America said the elderly were being hit hard because they also depended on their children’s incomes. “We need to take care of our elderly family members. They can’t work in the fields and in the gardens so they are affected terribly by their children losing jobs,” America said.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade of Unions president George Nkiwane blamed the government’s poor relations with the international community for the dire state of the employment sector. “Policy inconsistencies will drive investors out and they will take their investments elsewhere,” Nkiwane said. “We are likely to see more retrenchments and company closures in the coming year”.

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