Does she love me?

Dear Aunty Lisa

Since my wife got pregnant three months ago our bond is crumbling, she seems in love with my young brother. She is always being rude to me and extra nice to my brother. I even wonder if she still loves me. When I am away at work I am stressed with a lot of people and expect smiles from my wife which I don’t get. Is my once loving wife cheating on me with my own brother? Is there a chance that this pregnancy may not be mine? – Benard

Dear Benard

You are reading too much into these signs dear. I don’t think it is as serious as you are making it. It is very possible that your wife has suddenly changed because of the pregnancy. It is funny how women go through different physical, emotional and sometimes psychological changes when they fall pregnant.

A sense of dislike towards some innocent people is one of the changes. While pregnant some women may be easily upset by the way other people talk, laugh or walk. Others may be on the other end where they will be fascinated by such characteristics in other people. This is because of the changes in hormones they will be going through.

Your wife’s behaviour is not strange for a pregnant woman. Some women may love their husbands too much they feel so empty away from them and others only yearn to be with them when they are away but hate it when they are around. Be patient with her. You are likely to see a number of changes in her, including being weak emotionally. Understand her when she cries easily about some petty issues; to her it’s serious!

As much as she may seem difficult to associate with, just remember that she needs your support all the way. She may not be in a position to appreciate you at the moment but your support is important and she will not suffer amnesia when she gives birth –she will remember it all. – Aunty Lisa

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