Fans should respect female musicians: Masona

Rising female Afro jazzremba musician Kessia Masona has called on music fans to show respect to musicians at live performances whatever their gender.

Women should be encouraged not ridiculed, says Kessia Masona.
Women should be encouraged not ridiculed, says Kessia Masona.

Masona, a victim of fans’ ridicule when on stage, said it was disappointing for female artists to be labelled women of loose morals because of their profession.

Another female musician, Bev Sibanda, reportedly lashed out at female fans at a Bulawayo Hotel for calling her names.

Female artists who stage live shows at nightclubs and bars were the main victims of rowdy behaviour by fans.

“Instead of misjudging female artists and regarding them as people of low social morals, fans should actually encourage and motivate women in the music industry as a way of empowering them,” Masona told The Zimbabwean.

Masona, who has been in the music industry since 2002 and only recently released a debut album, said she was dispirited by some promoters’ reluctance to help female artists rise.

Masona singled out the Book Café of Harare as an institution going out of its way to promote upcoming artists regardless of their gender.

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