Marange man cautioned for invading Chinese houses

An 89 year old Marange man, Philemon Johwani Kaiboni Kambeni together with his 14 wives were this week formally charged and cautioned for trespassing after invading housing units belonging to another Chinese diamond mining firm in protest of their relocation from their home in Marange on February 27, 2011.

Kambeni, a member of the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church, is demanding accommodation that matches the 17 three roomed houses and kitchens that he owned in Chiadzwa before he was relocated to Arda Transau by the mining firm Anjin.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Regional Manager for Manicaland, Blessing Nyamaropa confirmed the development and said Kambeni was cautioned together with his 14 wives for staying in the housing units illegally.

“They were charged for trespassing and staying in housing units belonging to another mining company called Giani,” said Nyamaropa.

“They were cautioned and the statements were recorded at Odzi police station,” he said.

Kambeni and his family refused an eight roomed housing unit, 14 bathrooms, toilets and round thatched huts offered by Anjin arguing that they did not match the infrastructure that the family had lost before being displaced by the mining firm.

Chiadzwa Community Development Trust Coordinator, Melanie Muponda said mining companies involved in the extractive sector should own up and deliver on their promises instead of turning citizens into paupers.

“Mining companies should be held accountable and they should deliver,” she said, adding that the Chiadzwa community was not benefitting from diamond mining.

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