Masvingo mayor puts improvement on 2014 agenda

Masvingo mayor Hubert Fidze said his priority next year will be to improve services, amid fears from residents that 2014 is set to be a disastrous year for the country’s oldest city.

Fidze said the water crisis, which has affected Masvingo for the past six months, would not happen again, as the local authority would do all it could to make sure every household had a clean and reliable flow of water.

“We have to focus on going forward and make sure that everything is improved,” said Fidze. “I know it will not be an easy task, but I want to assure residents that our main focus will be on improving service delivery.”

The mayor urged those with buildings in the central business district to renovate them.

“We want to be the sunshine city as well, so we are saying to those with buildings in the CBD, either repaint them or give them a facelift to make our city clean and beautiful,” he said.

“We have to strengthen our efforts in cleaning up all the litter, because to be a sunshine city we have to manage waste properly.”

Turning to the issue of housing, Fidze said: “Unlike previous councils, we need to focus more on providing land for residential purposes because it is one of the benchmarks that residents use to gauge our performance as a council.”

The provision of residential stands has been a major challenge to the city, where families often have to share a room.

Residents, however, were not so optimistic about a better 2014.

“We are expecting the worst because our council has failed to provide water reliably to residents over the years,” said Clayton Mutasa of Mucheke.

Another resident, Claris Zimuto, said the council had a tall order. Residents were not expecting miracles but rather a deterioration of services.

“They have been giving us excuses and I can foresee disaster in terms of service delivery next year,” he said.

Masvingo council has been battling to pay its workers on time. Property was attacked early this year by workers demanding their salary arrears from as far back as 2008.

Council property, including bulldozers and other earth-moving equipment is gathering dust at the deputy sheriff’s premises in Masvingo as the labour battle between the workers and the local authority rages on.

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