Mozambique: RENAMO gunmen attack police station, Health Centre

Gunmen of Mozambique’s former rebel movement Renamo on Tuesday night attacked a police station and a health centre in the small town of Tica, in the central province of Sofala.

Tica is in Nhamatanda district, about 60 kilometres from the provincial capital, Beira. It is on the main road from Beira to Zimbabwe. This is the first attack in Nhamatanda since Renamo resumed its armed violence in April.

According to a report on the independent television station STV, nobody was killed or injured in the raid.

But the gang looted the health centre carrying away large amounts of medicines and foodstuffs. The health workers on duty managed to evacuate their patients, including women about to give birth, to safety.

The Nhamatanda district government, cited by Radio Mozambique, said that after the panic caused by the raid, life has returned to normal in Tica, and traffic along the Beira-Zimbabwe road is also flowing normally.

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