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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Mthokozisi Nxumalo
Mthokozisi Nxumalo

Do you think that Mugage fooled Tsvangirai?

Not only Tsvangirai bt his own people…he has done so for years now – @RueMuchie

No Tsvangirai is a fool by himself and can’t rule Zim land of academics! – @mali_ghana

While some struggled to make the inclusive govt work,others strategised for next election – @dubbydacious

All I know is Save in one speech said Mugabe needed to be given an honourable exit. He dreamt. – @ConorMWalsh

Lets get off the election mode and discuss economic issues – Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Who voted?? Tsvangirai or the masses?? This MP must hv run away from primary school when it was breaktime. this is clearly chinotimba calibre. – Mthokozisi Nxumalo

Everyday kngotaura politics taneta nazvo,vhurai malndustry vanhu vasevenze nxaaa. – Simon Muchono

Regai ndimbosvika pagrowthpoint apa. – Ben Nengwana

Let us focus on economic building than ranting & granting about who fooled who.its obvious that Tsvangirai was fooled & he never saw it coming which proves his inability to lead.he was even fooled by those greedy candidates in his party who are nw Zpf. – Mehleli Ndlovu

fooling or no fooling lets have economy back on track from ICU,which i bet with these clueless oldies wont be possible in their life time coz 33yrs of failure proves it! – Jacob Mabvunure

We don’t care who was fooled by who between the two, all we want to know is,“Who is fooling Zimbabweans right now? We deserve better -Cephas Garauzive Muridzo

What we are waiting now is to see if he can pull the economy without the endorsement of the M.D.C T. -Bothwell Ringisai Mabaso

Yes , that’s typical of the big man . – Marjorie Kashiri

why not dwell on relevant matters affecting us now like corruption unemployment weakening economy uncertainty etc and stop talking about hear say and pointless gossip – Milton Tafadzwa Mazango

they can be a lot of stories but,,the true one is that zanu pf was desperate to win and was going to win it at all cost IT RIGGED nothing else. – Christian Mashumba

Surely if that’s indeed the impression SAVE had, he was fooled!!! In politics you do not say its over till its over!!!! But the important thing is how do we put the struggle for democracy back on track and not groan and whine over spilt milk!!! That’s not the Madiba spirit!!! – Menzi Dakeni

Everyone knows that Mugabe rigged the election. – Bothwell Ringisai Mabaso

the trueth of the matter is that Mugabe wanted a fifty fifty situation with Tsvangirai.He never fooled Tsvangirai,although others might argue that the”Bhora Musango”thing was a well planned plot.I am saying this because even some senior zpf oficials like Mujuru openly admited they ddnt expect the election result out come.Nickv over cooked the results more than zpf wanted.this is proved by the time they took to organise themselves.Moreso their cluelessness of hw they a gona tke the country forward.As seasoned polititions zpf wnt show hw greatfull they a to Nickv than giving them a tender to deal with our passports – Kennedy Mhende

We’re going to starve because of those elections,no jobs,money and food. Urombo mberi own goal mugedhe. -Sitembinkosi Mlilo

wamlaya mina vele angina ndaba naye ngoba thina singamaNdebele ayikho into asenzele yona,yena wayengalalela uSekuru,yikho okubonisa khona ukuthi usemcane ku ppolitic akeyeke uzamile wehlulekile. – Mqa Ncube

Ndezvake MP uyoyo iye ndiye asina kuita basa kwete zvake zveutengesi izvo.Remember MPs are agent of party work hard on their constituency & give report to the party of support base. – Lazarus Maruke

Mogan is very young iterms of politics -Elliot Tirimboyi

mashaya nyaya dzekureporter here? nonsense!! – Zviito Ali

Zimbabwe is so rich in all sectors. it is alarmingly STILL amongst a handful best in the continent, educationally, and holds a place even in the universal statistic. it is a shame that our people wrok and develop other nations in the planet yet our umbulical codes linger in the ruins, the deserted dzimba dzemabwe. yes, because our leaders won’t let us live. – Mzamo Effort Tshabalala

Chakawacha chematama – Elliot Tirimboyi

what differences can one point to in confidence, btwn mugabe and tsvangirai? instead their actions steer out division amongst races especially the Ndebele and Shona. all their promises are empty like the ties of the so called UNITY acode.- Mzamo Effort Tshabalala

Do you think the Mujuru faction rigged the Zanu (PF) provincial elections?

No elections were rigged. The will of the people is evident in the results – @ChiefThabo

If their rigging is so crude now how could they have been so brilliant just recently, the middle class intelligentsia may be out of touch with the ordinary people.LENIN WROTE TO MAXIM GORKY DESCRIBING THE INTELLIGENTSIA WHOM HE WAS LIQUIDATING WITH ONE FOUR LETTER WORD.We should learn from history. aseke – Michael Simpson

Vote rigging ndochii ichocho? – Micah Chideya

kkkkkkkk apwa, regai zvibayane – Tendai Sinnedgge Charehwa

get away kuba chii – Ardington Nemaunga

Vote rigging ndochii ichocho? – Micah Chideya

Do you think govt should be able to tell the mining companies what to do?

Well yes as long as it is provided for in the legislation. Mining is so capital intensive they’ll never pay any taxes…. – @zimbo_analyst

The Chinese will never bow down to this, coz they are here to make money for their homeland. – Gain Sibanda

Dats wat greed pple do ndokugadzirisa nyika here ikoko – Symon Albert Vho

Why don’t they stop Zbc which is said to be laying 500 workers first? And NRZ? The best they can do is to make sure the 100 workers get fair retrenchment packages to enable them to start self help projects. – Lloyd Choto

Government can influence what companies do in so many ways. For example through tax incentives, withdrawal of licences and /or permits etc – Sean Hono

How would you advise Mrs Tee?

Lol he’s watching soccer and drinking his beer at home? My friend, get a book and learn soccer and watch together whilst you drink kana coke hayo kikiki – Taurayi Chikwakwata

Why not watch and drink together. If you don’t drink, buy some sodas. After watching soccer with him, I am sure he will not refuse to watch some chick-flicks with you. – Donald Mzondo

shamwari Fara that haasikurionera kuSports club kunotambira Bev n the Sexy angels! – Agatha Chiseya

Awuna nyaya iwe unochema nemunhu aripamba zvake ! Vamwe vakabva kumba Friday makuseni nanhasi avazikanwe kwavari uye nharembozha dzavo dzaka dzimwa vanozowuya kumba neMonday manheru vobva kubasa ! Saka dzikama hako – Absalom Zulu

saka haudi kuti aone bhora here?,woda kuti atarire iwe nguva inotambwa bhora uri TV here,ko bhora racho rave kutambwa zuva rose kani?,unenge ndiwe unedambudziko iwe.Farirawo bhora zvipere – Nevermore Nero Makuyana Jikinya

Cook him some sadza to go with the beer he will love you for that – Angus Chambers

Well I guess the women feel what we men feel when they sit in front of the TV and watch African movie after African movie!! And those things have Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and go on forever! What goes around comes around. – Tims Kams

Vanonzi vakadzi ivava usadherere!!! – Bla Tindo

ndasiya wangu mkadzi kumba & im drinkin w others here utorinani- Allison Moyo

Watch soccer wth hm and admire the soccer playerz he wil get jelous..,. – Elaine Liliosah Chiliagubo

buy a lager instead – Avanza Vaile

Do you think that Zimbabweans are unwilling to unite?

We are willing to unite but the problem is that we are so much affected by loss of trust from each other.this devide & conqour strategy worked well for the ruling party in a way that it affects even smaller gatherings for the way forward. But let’s not always point fingers to one direction as an excuse,we need to grow up and organise ourselves.from what i have seen so far,we (Zimbos) are politically mature but lake common unity. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Who do you think are the main human rights abusers in Zim today?

#Chinese #Israelis – those who colluded & conspired 2 rig elections – @Alexweir1949

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission needs much greater funding and resources, more heed taken by the Government and a much wider involvement of all in #Zimbabwe – @MCFNottingham Zimbabweans- Tawana Nharingo

Humans -Avanza Vaile

ZANU PF – Tawanda Clux Nsukuzonke

seriously do you have to ask ,even an unborn baby would tell you if you ask it – Clement Carl Jackson

Who is to blame for the fact that we have to import chickens?

Whoever caused the disfunfuntion in the economy as a whole is the one responsible for chicken imports – @CornwellNcube

Its the shortage we have in Zim that makes us import. If we don’t chicken would be expensive. Tell me one person that is sick now because of GMO’s? I don’t desputr it has its side effects – @tinotendanyota

Its the gvt, they allowed the imports in. But if u look at it, these imports are harmful GMOs, which is better now? Not being sick NOW doesn’t mean u won’t get sick, others don’t get tested for it. That’s where gvt comes in, with control measures to stop hikes. – @BruceChakatsva

They say the prod costs are higher locally, such that imports are cheaper. – @farirai_mageza

Perhaps the government that has also caused #Zim to turn from a mas exporter of maize to an importer – @MCFNottingham

What will you remember Gideon Gono for?

I thought his term of office came to an end…. – Gwirize Collins Kodzah

The worst ever Central Bank governor the world has ever seen.He should be entered in the Guiness Book of Records – Regis Kaledza

Poverty & Dictatorship r closely related “when the president is greedy, the people r poor” #fraudproofvoting – @Alexweir1949

Raiding people’s #FCAs & being a de facto prime minister – @TichRay

Hyper inflation, printing money, that chicken farm! – @iamTinoMurira

Of corse the zeros, he removed by night but returned by day.

Dont waste our time talking about Gono. Talk about how to revive the economy for future generation.Gono left for others to take over not for you to talk about him. He left to do his private life so leave him. He did what you wanted, so give him a peace of mind. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Uyanya.he deserve to know hw useless he has been. – Memory Mpofu

Noone shouted at you. Memory just advised that the man contributed in the death of this economy.no reason for you to be abusive. You dont rebuild an economy by being insultive – Angela Adams

I will sadly remember him 4turning my life savings into manure&4 impoverishing zimbabweans wth the blessings of fat cats! – Jacob Mabvunure

Hey guys u need2b politically muture.we a al born defferent wth our own ideologies nd political affiliation is all about1’s ideological perspective but that should never overlook th fact that we a all members of th same nation.th bible sums it all n th book of Amos wen it says “No amount of difficulties/defferences can overcom th conscience nd bond of brotherwood.gud yako handigud yaningi nd let others express their views according2th way they feel nside.as4me Gono was th ideal man4th job he saved th treasurery from liquidation by slashing thoz 0000000z he was only un4tunt4th era he com2office but otherwise he is th best financial expert th nation has ever known. -Blive Emmanueli Chrampagh

Bearer cheque Gono – Portia Charakupa

To be totally fair we don’t know what pressures he faced. This doesn’t excuse his behaviour but does at least help us understand it. I also have to say that he is not an idiot since he took the failing CBZ (after the BICC collapsed) and turned it around from a ludicrous loss into a good profit situation. He misused his talents at RBZ. – Clare Thornton

Failure is not an Option,evry Zimbabwean become a Trillionares over night – Charles Sau Banda

Nyaya yako haina musoro iwe.zvinebasa rechii izvozvo.always after perpetrating hatred among zimbabweans by yo nonsensical writinx.kana washaya basa ridza muridzo mhani – Blive Emmanueli Chrampagh

For being the Minister of all sectors of economy during the 2008 and before. This did not only led the country to its ditch but to a ruthless,imporverishment,lawlessness,dirty,filthy and smelling State. Cry my beloved Zim Cry! – WilChiz Murozvi

You talk of stale news when your party talks of its liberation heroics like it happened yesterday. -Dzii Pastatehouse

Gono is not alone, there are many others past and present leaders who failed Zimbabwe, the likes of … – John Marchford Pfidze

for me relocating to a foreign country – Eric Nkala Maphosa

wish u th bst out thr cde! – Bryan Ka

This is the guy who made 99:9percent zimabwean millonares and turned zillionares into paupers within a single year. Makandiwa ana door.this man desrves a noddy badge.Mari yedu mumabank. I hope your deeds haunt u for the rest of your life – Angela Adams Wagoneka

Mabearer cheques kkkkkkkkkkkkk.mazero okuwanda – Brighton Manjengwa

Printing papers calling it money slashing zero acting as the finance minister on the bar side. Good regulation reforms to the banking and finance industry – Milton Tafadzwa Mazango

akaura nyika murume uyu ngaende ngaende – Moses Chindanga

Gidion Gono has left…fair and fine but the regime that handled him is still firm on the ground therefore lets not expect change in the foreseable future. – Gain Sibanda

Did you know that the MDC had achieved this level of economic growth during the GNU?

The delay in the presentation of the national budget is not a good sign. – Donald Mzondo

Governance and politics are like water and oil on a car. They are both useful for the car to work properly but dot mix. – Takemore Major Majabule

True, VaChinamasa will present the budget to the House of Assembly on 19 December. But the MDC’s reign of the economic ministries saw the consumer basket rising significantly. The basket was about $380 in February 2009 but now is circa $600. – Clémence Machadu

Overtaken by events budget next week. – Wilfred Ganda

Do you think female artists are loose women?

Its a NO from me. – @JUDDzim

The question itself is misogynistic, I think. – @shonatiger

No they not – @SupportZimMusic

Hardly think thats something we can generalise like that. – @herzimbabwe

That’s ridiculously silly . How many of female artists died of AIDS you know compared to male artists ? Unless the female artist is of loose morals by character , otherwise female artists hold themselves with grace and respect in this profession . – Marjorie Kashiri

Female artists are not of loose morals. There is a tendency for men to label them with unfair names, such as ‘’hure,’’ simply because of their attires or enticing dances. This is however despite the fact that their stage conduct is professional and that’s why Bev is even licensed. Men should learn to appreciate female artists, especially dancers, as professionals who are there to entertain and nothing else. They are not hookers looking for clients and should not be treated as such. Housewives too should not perceive female dancers and other female artists as homebreakers. Bev has been accused several times. I think its a serious form of violence against women which should be paid particular attention to. – Clémence Machadu

Do you think the govt should decriminalise sex work?

Never, it’s an abomination, GOD help us. – Donald Mzondo

moral decadence – Honest Chademana

Not at all it is too dangres for your health and other people sell tomatoes instead of your bordy – Molly Reid

maybe if they are confined to bothels the streets will be cleaner – Barbara Reid

Off ur lazy butts & try smthn with ur hands. – Nebeth Ngoma

Confirm this harlot is begging the gvt to promote laziness by decriminalising prostitution. – Tauzeni Mushawidi

Avanza as i say these people a too lazy to work for them self that money they colect is someone whose worked hard for his family they just grab it.surel they should burn in hell -Molly Reid

It is sad to see all the judgement coming instead of offers for help in the form of education and job training and assistance. The bible even took care of the desolate in communities instead of shoving them aside. All people deserve to be safe and protected. – Avanza Vaile

This is not good to see our women selling bodies.they must marry as the bible states it.prostitution is very evil & it encourages diseases like HIV/AIDS. – Mehleli Ndlovu

The sooner the better and healthier – Alfred Makumbe

What does the bible say, if it says OK then no problem with that – Lovemore Sibanda

decriminalise sex work? no never muno muzim kwete – Mack Baba Emma Sakala

Comments on the death of Nelson Mandela

Good people are remembered with goodthing as tata madiba will alwayz remember you our great warrior lalangonxolo until we meet again – Don Sibanda

The whole world has lost a hero. Rest in peace our hero – Jabinos Zingori

R.I.P Tata Madiba – Dehwa Inzwirashe

Tata Madiba may ur sole rest in peace. Usebenzile emhlabeni nemisebenzi yakho iyabonakala en siyohlala sikukhumbula lala ngokuthula – Zenzele Sikhundla

The greatest man indeed ther ll b no 1 like u in African history RIP – Primrose Ckhue Ndlovu

Vakanaka ndovanofa kuchisara vakaipa RIP MADIBA – Andrew Torres Hardy Ynwa

Rest in peace Madiba – Tyrone Thomas

Which Human Right would you fight for?

Equal opportunities. – Mehleli Ndlovu

All of them ! – Marjorie Kashiri

Peace,love and harmony for all. – Ishmael Makodza

freedom o speech – Unruly Boss Muzambi

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