Where’s our hope? Young people ask for answers

Most unemployed young people in Zimbabwe have given up hope of getting a job in 2014. PAMENUS TUSO talked to youths on the streets of Bulawayo.

Bekhithemba Nyathi-Mpopoma, Pelandaba Constituency MP
Bekhithemba Nyathi-Mpopoma, Pelandaba Constituency MP

“I have just completed my course on telecommunication and I do not see myself getting employment next year. I have submitted my application to several companies but the responses are not favourable. The government should open up to more players in the sector so that they can create competition and employment opportunities for other people.” – Simbarashe Ncube

“Next year, I’m planning to go to South Africa to look for a job. I graduated at the University of Zimbabwe as an engineer last year but I’ve been surviving through buying and selling vehicle spare parts from South Africa. Chekumirira muno hapana (There is nothing to wait for in this country).” – Tendai Mwatsidza

“The government has let down the youths of this country for a very long time. The future of the young people in this country is bleak as long as the government continues to marginalise the youths. It is ironic and a shame that political parties uses young people and women to win elections but, after winning the elections, they are discarded like a used condom.” – Tsepiso Mpofu

“I think the government should prioritise employment creation for the youths. For me, the focus of 2014 should be the establishment of centres that offer lifeskills. The government has failed to provide formal employment for young people and most of them have resorted to any means of surviving.”- Machel Tuso

“I and other young MPs in parliament are going to fight for the rights of youths in parliament. We need jobs for our youths who are graduating from our colleges and universities. We are also going to advocate for a clear and effective government youth policy that is divorced from political parties. – Bekhithemba Nyathi-Mpopoma, Pelandaba Constituency MP

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