YAT launches revolving fund for youths

The Youth Agenda Trust has launched a revolving fund for youths from Chitungwiza and Epworth in Harare aimed at economically empowering under priviledged young people.

The fund, an initiative of the organisation’s project entitled ‘Breaking the culture of Silence’ seeks to help young people engage in income generating projects for their livelihood.

More than 30 youths, whose projects such as welding, carpentry and candle making among others were given the nod received more than $1,000 each from the fund.

Media and Information Officer for YAT, Francis Rwodzi said the fund would ensure that youths engage in lucrative business ventures and stop engaging in crime and various other anti social behaviours.

Said Rwodzi: “We have bought equipment for youths whose projects include welding and manufacturing of products such as peanut butter and moulding candles worth more that $30,000.

“We are optimistic that the first batch of youths that have received these funds will return them for the benefit of others,” he said.

Rwodzi said more than 200 youths are set to benefit from the fund during the first quarter of the year 2014.

“By the end of 2014, we are hoping that more than 500 youths would have benefitted from the fund,” said Rwodzi.

Speaking at the launch of the fund, Zimbabwe Youth Council Deputy Director, Tawanda Njerere urged civil society organisations to ensure the inclusion of marginalised youths from the rural areas.

He said: ”Youths are failing to access funding from financial institutions because they do not have collateral,” adding that because of financial challenges, youths were failing to contribute meaningfully to the country’s economic processes.

YAT is working in partnership with Action Aid International Zimbabwe.

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