Zambian promoter courts Zim boxers

Four Zimbabwean boxers are being courted by a Zambian promoter to participate as undercards in a World Boxing Council title fight scheduled for Lusaka, Zambia, on January 25.

Zimbabwe’s Charles Manyuchi fights Patrick Allotey of Ghana for the coveted global medal which, should he emerge victorious, places him in the same league with the likes of Floyd Mayweather.

Manyuchi is currently rated Number 37 in his welterweight division by the WBC.

Zambia won the bid to host and vie for the elite belt at the 51st WBC Convention held in Bangkok, Thailand, in October, with the first backing votes coming from South Africa, Italy, Canada and Tunisia.

Recently, Oriental Quarries Operations Manager, Christopher Malunga, was in Harare to negotiate with the camps of Monalisa Sibanda, Wesley Macdade, Chamunorwa Gonorenda and Misheck Kondwane, with a view to have them provide supporting bouts for their countryman, Manyuchi.

With the exception of Gonorenda, the other three pugilists have gone on assignments across the Zambezi River before, where fortunes were not very favourable on most of their outings. This, however, seems not to worry Malunga, who says they want to take on board in their stable two or three more Zimbabweans.

“Zimbabweans have proven to be popular with the boxing following community in Zambia, especially after Manyuchi’ s exploits. The young man is the darling of the ring. So we said to ourselves, why not help ourselves to another piece from the same loaf, which is why we want to assess those four.

“I was also here to drum up support from the Zimbabwe government and the corporate sector. It is not very often that an event of this magnitude visits us, but when it does, we have to share the cake as neighbours. A good number of television stations are keen to beam the big fight live for their respective citizenry and Zimbabwe, too, ought to reap benefits from such an occasion,” he said.

Although, Sibanda is yet to receive a contract, the female boxer said she had gone for medical tests, and would soon be in the gym in preparation for her fight with a yet-to-be-identified opponent.

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