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Pet parrot grasses on drink driver

A motorist was arrested for drink driving in Mexico – after his pet parakeet told police that he was drunk.

The man, named by local media as Guillermo N, 49, was pulled over by traffic officers at a routine alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City.

As he got out of his car to be tested, police heard a voice saying: “He’s drunk, he’s drunk”, reports El Universal.

At first, they thought someone else was inside the car but when they shone their torch inside the blue Chevy they were stunned to see Guillermo’s pet bird.

Guillermo failed a breathalyser test and was subsequently arrested. Animal Surveillance Brigade officers were called to take the bird away while his owner was taken to prison.

However, they eventually allowed the bird to accompany Guillermo after he claimed that the bird would die if they were separated.

Daredevil risks life with roof backflip

An Australian man has been slammed by YouTube users after performing a heart-stopping backflip off a roof into a pool 10ft away.

Daredevil Brodie Sciberras, from Perth, was just inches away from smashing his head against the floor but made the jump by the tiniest of margins.

The stunt, filmed by his friend Callum Lloyd, 22, shows Brodie contemplating the jump for an agonising minute and 19 seconds.

Mr Lloyd can be heard impatiently waiting for his friend’s dangerous feat saying: “You’ve got to do something. I’m filming.”

YouTube users criticised the daredevil, who hit the side of the pool with his arms, for risking his life for nothing.

Verity Treacle posted: “He is without a doubt, one of the stupidest people I have watched on YouTube! Darwin would be shaking his head.”

Talking dog doesn’t want to go in kennel

A video of a talking dog repeatedly telling his owner that he does not want to go into his kennel is going viral.

More than two million people have watched the clip of 11-month-old husky Blaze plainly saying “No” to owner John Ventresco.

As Ventresco repeatedly asks the pup to go in the kennel, Blaze refuses to get off the floor moaning: “Noooo”.

Mr Ventresco says the cute husky is so defiant against going into his kennel that he has verbally learnt how to say ‘no’.

“Blaze didn’t actually need to go in his kennel this time… was just teasing him,” he added.

Ostrich causes chaos at Tunbridge Wells

An ostrich stunned motorists by running alongside cars at more than 40mph – near Tunbridge Wells.

Drivers slammed on the brakes after spotting the flightless bird speeding up and down a busy main road – causing tailbacks in the morning rush hour.

The bird was spotted running past 20 cars on the main road between the Kent villages of Rusthall and Speldhurst, reports the Daily Telegraph. Adult ostriches can run up to 60mph and grow to more than 9ft tall, but this bird was a youngster just over 2ft-tall, according to locals.

Jokers have set up a Twitter account for the ‘free range’ bird which they called TWellsOstrich.

Local Colin Grant, 45, said: “It was dashing around pretty fast – when I first saw it it overtook me and I was doing about 30mph, so it must have been going at 40mph plus.

“It was a very curious sight – it must have escaped from an ostrich farm nearby.”

The police and local council have been alerted.

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